Chongqing 15-year-old girl fell to her death in the school mother pointed out that the suicide note strange suspected that the school forged

A photo of the 15-year-old female student who fell to her death at Chongqing Fuling Vocational Education Center before she died and a photo of her resuscitation at Fuling Central Hospital.

On Mother’s Day 2021, a student fell off a building on school grounds in Chengdu, igniting public attention on the Internet. It led to another similar case that occurred recently, when a 15-year-old female student fell to her death on school grounds in Fuling, Chongqing, on March 14. The parents of the girl have so far been unable to obtain the child’s belongings, nor can they see the CCTV footage of the child at the school before the fall. In addition, students who witnessed the incident were silenced by the school administration.

On May 11, the reporter interviewed Ms. Wu, the parent of the female student in question. The school involved, Chongqing Fuling Vocational Education Center, showed the parents an “electronic suicide note” from the child’s cell phone. Ms. Wu suspected that the “electronic suicide note” was a forgery, revealing that “the electronic version of the ‘suicide note’ shifted the school’s responsibility cleanly, saying in one sentence, ‘I am not unhappy at school, I am not unhappy with the teachers, and I am not unhappy with the school. I’m not unhappy at school, not unhappy with my teachers, not unhappy with my classmates …… nothing, I just simply don’t want to live anymore.’ These words are too fishy, I don’t believe it.”

Ms. Wu told the reporter what happened.

School rumors pushing blame for not returning the child’s belongings surveillance video was deleted

The school authorities contacted the child’s aunt directly on March 14, instead of calling the parents directly. The phone number of the child’s aunt is new and you need to check the child’s phone to get it. The aunt told us that ‘the child had jumped off the building at school.’ I don’t believe this, because the night before the accident, we also and the child video, my daughter happily told us that the test test test the eighth place in the whole year, we also have a family dinner to celebrate.”

A screenshot of a chat log of students discussing the incident at the same school.

Ms. Wu believes the school is covering up the truth, saying, “After the accident, the first thing the school did was not call an ambulance and the police, but three hours later, when our family called the police, what the hell are they doing?”

“After the child was sent to the hospital, the need for surgery, we need seven hours in the field to get there, we begged the teacher to help sign, can be recorded, the accident does not need them to be responsible. Then they agreed, the result of our relatives more than an hour to get to the hospital, told us that the teacher did not sign at all.”

The parents of the 15-year-old schoolgirl who fell off a building and failed to save her life did an organ donation.

“Later, in their briefing, they also said that we parents gave up resuscitation, this hit us too hard! We love this daughter very much, she is the happy child of our family, very understanding, her father’s hair has been over half white in ten days. Her brother is about to take the college entrance exam, because of this thing affects a lot, brother and sister two very good feelings.”

“In order to pass the buck, the school tried every way they could to put a label on us parents. At first the school said that my daughter’s fall was a rumor, and then it couldn’t be wrapped up, so they said that she jumped because of family reasons.”

Hospital admission certificate of the girl who fell to her death.

After 19 days of resuscitation at Fuling Central Hospital, the 15-year-old flower girl was pronounced dead by the hospital on April 1 after her resuscitation failed. The child’s parents made an organ donation, and Ms. Wu said, “I hope to see the recipient in the future, just like seeing my daughter still alive.”

The parents of the girl asked to see the monitoring of the child’s life trajectory at school before the accident, has been refused.

Ms. Wu revealed, “the incident monitoring shows the night of March 14, in the evening study time, my daughter jumped back to the dormitory to get textbooks ready for class, out to the stairwell 8 minutes apart on the fall, monitoring shows 6:58 p.m. fell. But this 8 minutes of monitoring disappeared, whenever we have a little clue, the school immediately blocked, so that students do not talk nonsense.”

Parents’ cell phones are monitored police do not file no action

Ms. Wu said, “The school has been ignoring our attitude. They just say, ‘The police station is investigating, listen to the results of the police station.’ That’s how it’s been pushed around. The Fuling Ma’an police station, which called the police, believes that ‘excluding homicide, no case will be filed.’ But so far, my daughter’s two cell phones are still at the police station, not returned to us.”

Ms. Wu said in response, “They (the police) are just stalling for time, waiting for the information on the phones to be unrecoverable after a while.”

At present, because the matter of the child is not resolved, Ms. Wu and her husband and wife can not yet leave Fuling, go back to work and lose their source of livelihood.

“We have no money to fight the lawsuit, we ordinary people do not even have a place to talk!” Ms. Wu said helplessly.

The school involved threatened informed students to silence

Ms. Wu revealed, “those students are afraid of (the school’s) threat, some other classes of students see me posted online shake, really can not look down, they know with me, are very worried very scared to tell me, ‘Auntie, you do not say out ah.’ Fear of school retaliation. Some said ‘the school did not give the diploma’, some said ‘the school gave hush money’.”

“At first there was a classmate, and I contacted him/her on WeChat, hoping he/she could help me inquire about my daughter’s roommate. The next day that student told me, ‘The school has already called me, I can’t help you auntie.’ My phone was monitored and bugged. Just including now I’m talking to you, it’s all being monitored.”

Ms. Wu said, “After the incident, I was approached by many parents with similar encounters across the country, and different schools and police stations are doing similar things. The first thing that happened was that the monitoring was broken, and the phrase ‘monitoring is broken’ can escape responsibility. I hope that the state will legislate that the surveillance is responsible when it is broken. Now I just hope the school can come out and give us a reasonable account.”

The reporter called Chongqing Fuling Vocational Education Center principal Yin security and the class teacher of the class in question, Liu teacher’s phone, are unanswered.