Hua Chunying: 98% of the people’s trust in the government, netizens exclaimed: terrorist groups

Hua Chunying blinks when she lies (Photo credit: video screenshot)

On May 11, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in response to a question about the invitation to Taiwan and Hong Kong to speak at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2021 that the Chinese people’s trust in the Chinese Communist government is 98%. Netizens exclaimed: then the Chinese Communist government must be a terrorist group.

According to the official media, on May 11, Hua Chunying said in response to a question about the “Copenhagen Democracy Summit 2021” inviting people from Taiwan and Hong Kong to speak: “According to the relevant media reports, after the new pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese people’s trust in the government has reached 98%. This is true democracy.”

Netizens flirted with the idea that trust in the government of no more than 60 percent is called a democracy; more than 80 percent is called a totalitarian state; more than 90 percent is a dictatorship and tyranny; and 98 percent should be a terrorist group.

There are also netizens who say that Hua Chunying opens her mouth to speak, even she does not believe in herself. You can see that she clearly has a pause at 7 or 8 seconds in the video, and that means: I’m going to tell a big lie.

The video shows that at 3 seconds of the video, Hua Chunying blinks several times; at 6 seconds, she blinks several times; at 7 seconds, she simply pauses for a second. And in the following speech, basically is completely read from the script.

Netizen’s comment.

“I’ve heard that a country is a democracy if the people have 50-60% trust in the government, and if it reaches 80-90% trust, it’s a country where survival is not easy.”

“I would like to ask why Ms. Hua hesitated and hesitated between the 7th and 8th seconds?”

“Why are there so many people lined up in front of the National Bureau of Letters and Calls in Beijing every day late at night, old people women and even children, they come here from all over the country breaking through layers of obstacles, they trust the local government, why do they still want to go to Beijing, although I am still young and don’t know what adults think, but this does make me quite confused. “

“There should be no dissatisfaction!”

“Auntie Hua is talking with her eyes open again, blinking furiously.”

“I was going to say 100 percent, considering the need to leave a small group of dictatorship objects for the people, to leave some hope for the reactionary forces outside the country.”

“These people are not afraid of getting oral cancer, huh?”

“If my subjects were 98% satisfied with me, I would definitely have universal suffrage and leave the world speechless. What the dictators themselves don’t believe in, UWM is inclined to pull.”