Bad luck! Chinese woman driving test to the examiner to give red packets on the blacklist

Although many Chinese believe that

“stuffing red envelopes is good for business,”

But this thing does not work in Canada.

There is even the possibility of getting into big trouble because of it!


Vancouver, Canada, a Chinese driving instructor

Recently, a Chinese driving instructor in Vancouver, Canada, told the internet about a ludicrous incident.

Chinese female students for the examiner to give red packets, accidentally blacklisted!

The Chinese female student was inadvertently blacklisted for giving red packets to the examiner!

Simply regret it ……

According to the Chinese instructor, the

The Chinese female student who “got into trouble”

The first road test and the written test have been completed before.

The second road test, as long as the successful completion of

The first time, the Chinese woman had already completed the written test and the first road test.

Become a veritable “old driver”.

And in the usual training, the

This woman is also very serious efforts.

All movements have long been practiced by heart.

It can be said to be full of confidence to take the test.

After the test started everything went very well.

The examiner was also very satisfied with her performance.

But after the test was over

Sitting in the car waiting for the scoring results, when

The woman suddenly made a fascinating move.

The woman suddenly made a fascinating move: she stuffed a red packet into the examiner’s hand!

Only to see the examiner has been on the score sheet

The examiner had already confirmed that the woman had passed the test with flying colors.

The examiner had already confirmed on the score sheet that the woman had passed the test, but her action was certainly surprising and astonishing.

So the examiner turned around and got out of the car to find the leader to report the matter.

The woman was just trying to “mean” something.

She wanted to thank the examiner for letting her pass the test.

Instead, it was deemed a “bribe” in Canada!

It soon became a big deal.

It was even reported to the headquarters!

The Chinese woman did not expect this to happen.

The Chinese woman did not expect this to happen, and quickly explained to the investigators.

In the end, the result was “leniency”, and she was allowed to reopen the case in half a month.

And she was allowed to re-register for the exam in half a month.

I thought this was the end of the matter.

So she practiced hard for a while and then

She booked another test.

She even made a special effort to change the test center.

She thought, “I have to pass this time!

But it’s not that easy!

When the Chinese woman entered her personal information into the computer.

When the Chinese woman entered her personal information into the computer, she found that something was not right ……

The other people started the test very smoothly, but she waited for a long time.

But she waited a very long time on her side.

Finally came a female examiner.

The Chinese woman followed the instructions and drove the car in a disciplined manner.

After all, these test points have been practiced many times.

The instructor didn’t think she would have any more problems.

She also thought she was doing pretty well.

But when the test was over, the

The results once again made her heart cold!

The female examiner told her.

She was FAILED because she was speeding on several sections ……

This point makes the Chinese woman feel puzzled.

She was driving very carefully.

Why still failed the test?

Later, her coach learned about this, and analyzed that it might be because she was already in the driving test.

The reason was that she had already been recorded in the driving test system.

and was blacklisted.

After that, she might face a lot of difficulties if she wants to take the test again ……

The Chinese woman then realized

The Chinese woman realized the seriousness of giving the examiner a “red packet”!

But what she can do now is

But what she can do now, except to register for the test again and again.

It seems that there is no other choice.

And this incident also gives Chinese people a warning.

You have to follow the rules in Canada!

Even if you give a red envelope out of kindness and gratitude.

Even if you give red envelopes out of kindness and gratitude, you may get into big trouble!