Wenchuan earthquake 13th anniversary: party media hype pig strong parents mourn their children encountered obstacles

Parents of an elementary school in Dujiangyan, Sichuan province, mourn their sons and daughters who died in the earthquake in the ruins of the school and demand accountability for the tofu-dreg project on June 1, 2008.

May 12 was the 13th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. While the national party media has been cheering for the “strong pig” in his final days, parents of local students mourning their children who died under the tofu-dreg project have been viciously obstructed by officials, and those who insist on holding the parents accountable for the tofu-dreg project have been repeatedly suppressed.

According to Radio Television Hong Kong, more than 100 parents of students killed at the Dujiangyan Juyuan Middle School rushed outside the school’s former site on the afternoon of the 12th, setting off firecrackers as is the local custom to mourn their children who died in the quake. The middle school’s entire building collapsed in the Wenchuan earthquake, causing a large number of casualties.

According to a parent named Lu Biyu, a large number of plainclothes public security officers arrived early on the 12th to stand guard and close the road, preventing parents from approaching the old school site. After negotiation, the public security only allowed parents to lay flowers outside the old site. However, when parents were paying their respects, the public security officers again blocked the road. Some parents set off firecrackers across the road from the site, and the public security officers came forward to stop and scold the parents. When the parents came forward to argue, a plainclothes policeman suddenly bumped off a female parent and had a verbal argument with her.

Lu Biyu said she is convinced that her son died in a tofu-dreg project and has been defending her rights since 2008, and has been arrested and detained 50 times. She hopes that the authorities will give the parents an explanation, but the local authorities have changed leadership time and again, dashing their hopes for justice.

Another parent, Zhou Xingrong, is still unable to get over the pain of losing her son. She too has been imprisoned several times and has lost her health. She is almost blind in her left eye and is no longer able to have another child with IVF or adopt.

In the Wenchuan earthquake, the Chinese Communist Party officially said the death toll was less than 70,000. However, according to some private organizations, the actual death toll was around 300,000, including more than 30,000 students.

After the earthquake, local schools were blamed for the tofu-dreg school buildings. But every year, near the anniversary of the earthquake, the authorities are trying to suppress the voices of doubt, focusing only on “promoting positive energy”, the year the earthquake survived a pig has become the object of repeated attention of the party media.

This year, the pig known as the “strong pig” has turned 14 years old and is in a state of mortality due to old age, and the hype in the party media has turned to cheering for the “strong pig” and the implementation of “hospice care The “hospice”.

On the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake, central-level party media, including People’s Daily, Xinhua, China News Network and others, swarmed to issue “tribute to the strong pig” reports. Local party media also followed suit, and in addition to cheering for the “strong pig”, they also began discussing the implementation of “euthanasia” for it and other issues.

During the Wenchuan earthquake, a pig in Tuanshan Village, Longmenshan Township, Pengzhou City, miraculously survived after being buried under the rubble for 36 days, and was then bought by the local Jianchuan Museum, which named it “Pig Tough” and has been keeping it since.

The pig was officially named as one of the “Top Ten Animals in China 2008”, and a “Song of Pig Strength” was composed for it, and a “Pig Strength” event was held to promote the spirit of “Pig Strength”. Pig strong” spirit of the “pig strong” Spring Festival Gala, etc.. In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has been “treating white events as red events”, making May 12, the “National Tragedy Day”, a “Day of Thanksgiving”, and touting “Pig Tough The “strong pig” is also touted as a mascot to “promote positive energy”.