Taiwanese businessmen disparage Made in China? Communist Youth League incites another xenophobic campaign

The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China issued an article saying, “Gigabyte, who gave you so much courage?” (Web screenshot)

Taiwan’s GIGABYTE, an internationally renowned computer hardware manufacturer, had previously advertised its products in an article on its official website, with words that belittle the quality of Chinese manufacturing. The article was recently rehashed by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, the Communist Youth League Central Committee issued an article denouncing it, the Chinese Communist Party’s online army rose up to attack it, and several mainland e-commerce platforms have taken Gigabyte-related products off the shelves. The outside world is concerned that the CCP authorities seem to be setting off a xenophobic campaign once again.

On May 11, the official microblog of the Communist Youth League Central Committee posted an article saying, “Gigabyte, who gave you so much courage?” The picture on the microblogging site is a screenshot of Gigabyte’s official website, with “insist on Taiwan manufacturing and strict quality control. Unlike other brands that choose low-cost, lower quality way to ask China OEM manufacturing” related content. Marked with red lines, although not much explanation, but can be seen that this paragraph is GIGABYTE was named the “original sin”.

After the release of the article, a large number of pinkies left comments below or forwarded the article, calling for a full boycott, and some said “Gigabyte will soon taste the iron fist of the (Chinese) consumer”, “most of the world’s laptops are OEMs in mainland China, the quality is not as good as you Taiwan frog manufacturing? ” “GIGABYTE is advised to get out of mainland China.”

On May 11, the Communist Youth League Central Committee issued an article saying, “Gigabyte, who gave you so much courage?” (Web screenshot)

After the incident extended throughout the morning, AORUS GIGABYTE Gaming official microblogging, GIGABYTE Technology official microblogging issued an apology statement saying, “A few days ago, some of the textual content released on our official website is seriously inconsistent with the facts, due to the company’s internal mismanagement, which brings you discomfort Division I sincerely apologize, and also thank the majority of players and users for our attention. “

The statement also said that GIGABYTE has been doing business in mainland China for more than two decades, and that the improper comments will be deeply reviewed and corrective actions will be taken to comply with national principles. GIGABYTE will strengthen internal management and training to ensure that all employees are aware of the problem and pay attention to it.

A few hours later, the GIGABYTE microblogging account issued another statement apologizing.

But apparently the pinkies didn’t buy it and continued to leave criticism below the posting.

At the same time, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Taobao and other e-commerce platforms search for “Gigabyte” and “Gigabyte notebooks”, Jingdong and Suning Tesco have taken down Gigabyte technology related products, and the search shows no related products. On Taobao platform, GIGABYTE notebooks are on sale.

GIGABYTE Technology (English: GIGABYTE Technology; referred to as GIGABYTE Technology) is an international company that manufactures and sells electronic technology hardware, and is a first-class computer hardware manufacturer on par with ASUS and MSI. founded in Taiwan in 1986, the company produces home and business computers, computer peripheral parts, performance expansion equipment and other product lines. Serving more than 87 cities worldwide.

Some analysts say the wording of the Communist Youth League’s “scare” against Gigabyte appears to be similar to the Communist Party’s Xinhua News Agency’s “rebuke” of U.S. electric car maker Tesla Inc. Not long ago, Xinhua News Agency published an article “Who gave Tesla the courage to be “uncompromising””.

In addition to Gigabyte, recently Tesla, H&M, Nike and other international brands have also been sidelined in the mainland.

At the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, a female owner wearing a T-shirt with “brake failure” on it made a scene, climbing on top of a Tesla and shouting “Tesla brakes are not working”. After Tesla executives responded that they would not compromise on unreasonable claims, Tesla was bombarded by the Chinese Communist Party’s official media and online army. The Chinese authorities’ marketing and quality inspection departments also followed up afterwards.

According to some experts, Tesla has run into the Chinese Communist Party’s usual script – the typical “bait-and-switch”, i.e., using domestic anti-American public opinion to treat foreign companies with key technologies and increase the leverage to force them to transfer technology. The “bait-and-switch” is a typical “bait-and-switch” that uses domestic anti-U.S. public opinion against foreign companies with key technologies to increase leverage to force technology transfer.

In late March, at a sensitive time when many countries were proposing sanctions over human rights in Xinjiang, the CCP rehashed a statement written last year by H&M, a Swedish international brand, on “refusing to use cotton from Xinjiang” to stir up national sentiment and encourage domestic pinkies to boycott foreign goods. Many international brands such as Nike, UNIQLO and LV were affected. However, many people’s enthusiasm to buy foreign goods has not decreased.