1000 rockets hit Israel or all-out war

The Islamic armed conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza has escalated dramatically. Thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel last night and this morning (May 11-12). At the same time, Israeli forces conducted airstrikes in Gaza on the homes and office buildings of Islamic movement leaders.

Thousands of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv and other cities last night and this morning (May 11-12), killing five people and wounding some 100.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Air Force launched an air strike operation in the Gaza Strip. According to AFP, the Israeli forces targeted the homes of Islamic Movement leaders, which have killed at least 55 people, including minors.

The armed confrontation between the two sides today, May 12, shows no sign of abating, raising fears of an “all-out war. The Israeli airstrike, the heaviest since 2014, was carried out in response to “more than 1,000 rockets” fired by armed groups from the Gaza Strip into Israel since Monday night, according to the Israeli military.

Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip fired a barrage of rockets at Israel on Monday night in “solidarity” with more than 700 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli police in Mosque Square. Mosque Square is the third holiest site in Islam, located in East Jerusalem, which was annexed by Israel in 1967.

Then came an Israeli Air Force airstrike in Gaza Tuesday that destroyed a 12-story building where top Hamas figures had their offices, and at night another nine-story building that housed a local television station and homes and stores.

Israeli forces said they targeted Hassan Kaogi, Hamas’ military intelligence chief, and Waël Issa, the Islamic Armed Movement’s counter-intelligence director.

U.N. Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland warned Tuesday that Israel and Hamas are heading toward an “all-out war” as escalating violence shows no sign of abating. “A war in Gaza would be devastating, and it would be ordinary people who would pay the price,” he said.

The Gaza Strip is a Hamas-controlled Palestinian micro-territory plagued by poverty and about 50 percent unemployment among its 2 million residents.