Anhui Suizhou former deputy chief prosecutor committed suicide by jumping into the river, the remains have been recovered

A few days ago, Xu Mouchun, the former deputy procurator general of Suzhou City Procuratorate in Anhui Province, committed suicide by jumping into a river in Nanjing. The timing of Xu Mouchun’s suicide was on the eve of the seventh Central Supervision Group’s “supervision” in Suizhou City.

The surging news reported on the afternoon of May 12, 11, received reports that Xu Mouchun, former deputy chief of the Suizhou City Prosecutor’s Office, jumped into the river in Nanjing and killed himself. The police said his remains were recovered from the shore on the 4th.

A staff member of the Suizhou City Procuratorate also confirmed the news that Xu Mouchun had died.

According to a staff member of the office of the Suizhou City Procuratorate, Xu Mouchun had retired in 2019, having previously served as deputy procurator general.

Xu Mouchun was removed from his position as a member and prosecutor of the Suizhou City Prosecutorial Committee in 2019, according to the official website of the Suizhou City Procuratorate.

According to official media reports, on May 9, “the seventh central supervisory group sank into the city of Suzhou to supervise and listen to a report on the city’s work.”