U.S. Area 51 former engineer revealed that UFOs are driven by it

Not long ago, a mysterious person who claimed to have been a U.S. Area 51 UFO researcher revealed details about the power of the U.S. captured UFOs to the outside world. He claimed that in the 1960s, he was serving in the U.S. Area 51 UFO research facility and was an engineer of power plant research. At the time, the military captured a crashed UFO, and after being sent to Area 51, he was tasked to study the UFO’s power setup. He and his partners found that near the bottom of the UFO and around the outer wall of the week are some dark chambers similar to the aircraft culvert structure, which all have signs of high-energy material burns. These dark chambers, however, do not have any facilities similar to human engine injectors and spark plugs. So how did they do the work? This puzzled the engineers who were present.

One of the supernaturals who was present seemed to have suddenly understood the principle of work, and he shouted: “Negative cosmic energy! They are using negative cosmic energy to do their work!” Hearing the shout of the supernormalist, the engineers on the spot were stunned. Because in their opinion, to be able to use negative cosmic energy, the pilot of the UFO unless like a god has the spell to use negative cosmic energy! So, what exactly is negative cosmic energy?

Negative cosmic energy refers to the energy body in the negative universe that is exactly the opposite of the positive cosmic energy we are living in. The taiji diagram that appeared early in China first told mankind that the universe is divided into yin and yang, there is a positive universe there is a corresponding negative universe, and the negative universe has the opposite of the positive universe in terms of matter and energy, and the positive universe and the negative universe are connected to each other through the fish eye of the yin and yang fish. However, the positive and negative universes are not simply iterative, but are in different dimensions. In ancient myths and legends, if the gods want to go to the higher dimensional negative universe, they probably have a magic spell, that is, the use of negative universe energy and positive universe energy controlled annihilation spell, so as to drive themselves into the negative universe dimensional space instantly.

UFOs are likely to have the same negative universe energy manipulation technology, and this technology is to use the mind to manipulate a technology, which is called magic in the legendary gods. We remember a bizarre physicist in the last century – Nikola Tesla, who was rumored to be an alien from an extraterrestrial planet, and who was said to be able to invent a power device using negative cosmic energy soon. However at this juncture was subjected to an unprecedented crackdown, which led him to simply burn his relevant manuscripts, and this technology has since sunk like a stone, never to be mastered by mankind. If this legend is true, then it also means that aliens must have mastered the technology of using negative cosmic energy, and UFOs are also the alien vehicles that use negative cosmic energy to drive.

In the records of past UFO sightings, there are many UFOs that interfere with human electronic facilities. For example, UFOs flying to a certain place will cause local power outages, communication interruptions, instrument failures, missiles can not be launched and other situations, which indicates that UFOs in the use of negative cosmic energy will produce some similar to solar storms of a kind of material, and this kind of material will cause the failure of human electronic facilities. Of course these solar wind analogues in the alien intelligent beings is absolutely controlled! The reason why mankind has not yet mastered the technology of using the energy of the universe is because the level of the cosmic civilization depends precisely on the channel and ability of the civilization to obtain energy. On this level, human civilization is just on its way, and in the future “the road is long, I will go up and down and seek”.