Hu Xijin’s war wolf comment causes trouble Australian experts urge expulsion of Chinese Communist ambassador

Hu Xijin, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s official media, recently threatened Australia that if it intervenes in the Taiwan Strait conflict, the Chinese Communist Party should launch a missile attack on Australian soil. In response, Australian experts have suggested that the Australian government should summon and question the Chinese ambassador to Australia, and that he should be deported if he refuses to deny Hu Xijin’s claims.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a May 6 interview with Melbourne’s 3AW radio station that the Australian government’s policy toward Taiwan will remain firm and that Australia will fulfill its commitment to support the United States and its allies if the Chinese Communist Party violates Taiwan by force.

Morrison said, “We (Australia) have always honored the agreement to support the United States and allies in the Indo-Pacific region.” Australia will “always defend freedom in the region.

Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Communist Party’s Global Times, threatened in a Weibo post on July 7 that “China (the Communist Party) should develop a plan to punish Australia in retaliation for its military intervention in the Taiwan Strait,” including “long-range strikes against Australian military facilities and related key facilities. “.

In response to Hu’s intimidation, Curtin University professor Joe Siracusa said the Australian government should summon the Communist ambassador to the foreign minister’s office and ask him to refute the military intimidation. “If he doesn’t, give him 48 hours and then tell him to leave the country.”

In an interview with Australia’s English-language Epoch Times, Professor Siracusa said the Global Times is the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, and without the approval of the highest levels of the CCP, this opinion piece by Hu Xijin would not have been published.

He argued that the Global Times is not a mere newspaper, but a representative of the Chinese Communist Party leadership. “I’ve seen similar articles in the Global Times threatening to sink our aircraft carriers in the South China Sea. These articles came from the top (of the hierarchy’s approval).”

Siracusa added, “We don’t need to close the embassy, what we need to do is get the ambassador out of the country. I think he’s the one who’s been orchestrating the hate against Australia.”

He also told Sky News Australia, “When you threaten them with an attack on another country’s soil, it’s time to bring the ambassador home, and that sends a very important message.”

Professor Siracusa said that in the world of international diplomacy, everyone is equal. “Australia should tell Beijing to fuck off,” and “after that, work with the United States.”

Salvatore Babones, a leading Australian sociologist and associate professor at the University of Sydney, told the Epoch Times that he did not believe the Chinese Communist Party would go to war with Australia, but what was certain was that Australia would help its allies protect Taiwan in the event of a Chinese Communist invasion, “which, Hu Xijin got right.

China-Australia relations have hit a freezing point in recent years, with the Communist Party of China virus outbreak spreading from Wuhan to the world last year, and Australia has been calling for international experts to be allowed into China to independently investigate the origins of the virus, for which the Communist Party has retaliated against Australia. Retaliatory tariffs were imposed on Australian imports of products such as wine and beef.

The Communist Party’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, has also been implementing Beijing’s “war-wolf diplomacy” by issuing retaliatory threats in 2020 in response to the Australian government’s call for an independent investigation into the origin of the virus.