Chengdu 49 middle school case sparked public outrage, academics called for burying the troublemakers alive was criticized

Yang Li Zi tweeted that those who came from abroad specifically to cause trouble were buried alive. (Image source: Twitter screenshot)

The death of 49th grade student Lin Moumou in Chengdu on May 9 is a matter of suspicion, and the official effort to cover up the truth has sparked a huge backlash from the public, with a large number of students and people gathering in front of the school to demand the truth. The government’s efforts to cover up the truth have sparked a huge backlash, with a large number of local students and people gathering at the entrance to the school to demand the truth. The government’s response to the incident was to bury them alive. Some netizens retweeted his comments on Twitter, criticizing him for being “worse than a beast”.

A number of videos have surfaced online showing a large number of students and people gathering in front of the closed gates of Chengdu 49 Middle School on the night of May 11 to seek justice from the school. In one of the videos, many students are seen holding white flowers and shouting “truth”.

Yang Li tweeted that night, “This group of people have the same slogan! The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Never be soft.”

This morning (12), he posted another blog post saying, “Chengdu local, hammer a, ordered unit parents to take back strict discipline. The other side of the coin is the one that has been used for the purpose of the “burying”.

He said in his latest post, “If every accident becomes an opportunity for the rebels to rebel, it can be too passive. …… should eradicate the rebels as completely as the new crown virus.”

Retired Chinese professor Zhao Shilin retweeted a screenshot of Li Ziyang’s tweet, saying, “With every incident, there is always this kind of beastly rhetoric. The logic of this kind of rhetoric is that the only way to prevent the nation from abusing itself, the only way to prevent society from terrorizing itself, the only way to prevent political turmoil, and the only way to prevent the country from folding. Such cheap, evil and stupid scum like Li is a cancer on the muscle of this nation, a cockroach on this land.”

There are also pushers said, “This kind of a student jumping actually the tone is to regard human life as grass…” “The logic of this dog lackey is that no one can prevent it from doing lackey access. Who interferes with the dog owner’s elegance, it will bite whoever.”

Public information shows that Li Ziyang, born in the 1970s, graduated from the Department of International Politics at Peking University. He is currently a book editor at a publishing house. He has planned and published books such as “Controversies in Economics” and “Friedman’s Memoirs.

The death of Chengdu 49 middle school student Lin Moumou was disclosed on Weibo on the 10th. Informants revealed that the student suddenly fell from the building at around 6:30 pm on the 9th, but the ambulance arrived at around 8:30 pm and pulled the body directly to the funeral home. The school authorities did not notify the parents of the deceased until about 9:00, and did not allow the parents who arrived to view the surveillance video, not to see the child’s remains, and refused to communicate with the parents. The next morning the school finally provided surveillance video, but the family of the deceased found that the surveillance video of the incident was missing.

The incident triggered a public outcry, netizens have spoken out in support of the parents of the students to demand the truth. 11 early morning, Chengdu Chenghua District Education Bureau in its official microblogging release of the incident, said the case has been identified by the investigation, “ruling out criminal cases”.

The local police WeChat public number “Safe Chenghua” issued a notice saying that “Lin Moumou was found to have died from a high fall, excluding criminal cases”, and that “the family has no objection to the conclusion of the investigation”.

But netizens have expressed doubts. Today’s posting shows that a father quoted from his own children’s news that the deceased Lin Weiqi was pushed off the building by his chemistry teacher Wan Lixia, who is also the school’s senior high school director. The father quoted his child as saying that he was pushed off the building by his chemistry teacher, Wan Li Xia, who was also the head of the school’s senior high school, because Wan Li Xia’s child was preparing to study abroad, but the only place available was occupied by Lin Wei Qi.