Retaliation against Israel Hamas fires over 200 more rockets at Gaza

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to rise, Palestinian militant group Hamas said today that it has fired more than 200 rockets at Israel in retaliation for an Israeli air strike on a building in the Gaza corridor.

The militant wing of Hamas said in a statement that it “is firing 110 rockets at Tel Aviv” and 100 at the southern town of Beersheba “in retaliation for the restarted attacks against civilian homes “.

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), not long after Hamas made the announcement, alarm bells went off in Tel Aviv and Beersheba, and people in Tel Aviv were awakened by the alarms and rushed to take shelter in bomb shelters.

Hamas previously reported the destruction of a nine-story building in Israeli-controlled Gaza, a tower that suffered major damage along with neighboring buildings. Witnesses said multiple missiles hit the building, which houses homes, companies and a local television station.

This is the worst conflict between Israel and Hamas since the 2014 Gaza War, and there are international fears that the situation is unravelling.

Since the 10th, three people have been killed and dozens more injured by rocket attacks in Gaza in Israel, while 35 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed.