Amazing! Dangerous! Xiangxi 2 girls standing in the middle of the dam to take pictures, and instantly disappeared…

On May 11, at a tourist attraction in Jishou, western Hunan province, two female tourists stood in the middle of a barrage to take pictures and were swept away by the rapids. (Video screenshot)

A few days ago, in a tourist attraction in Jishou, Xiangxi, 2 female tourists stood in the middle of the dam to take pictures, and were swept away by the rapids. Fortunately, 2 people were eventually rescued to shore. The video of the scene was released on Weibo, triggering hot debate among netizens.

According to Xiaoxiang Morning News, in the afternoon of May 11, in Jishou Qianzhou ancient city on the Wansong River, 2 girls stood on the dam pier to take pictures, did not stand firm and accidentally fell into the water.

The video posted on the Internet shows a woman in white slipping under the dam, while another woman in black was holding her arm, but could not resist the impact of the rapids, the woman in white fell into the water and instantly disappeared.

The woman in black then jumped into the water, probably to rescue the woman in white. 2 people fell into the water, the scene of the people will be the woman in black to save the shore. But the rescue team searched the dam area for more than an hour and found no trace of the woman in white.

Later, a member of the team found the woman in white squatting below the dam, showing only a finger, then she was rescued to shore.

A rescue worker said the woman was waiting for rescue during the period, huddled in the narrow space below the pier body, where the water surface to form a sandwich with air. The woman used her hands to press hard against the dam to prevent herself from being swept away by the water. (Click to watch the video)

This rescuer said bluntly that if the woman was swept away by the rapids, the possibility of drowning was extremely high. He concluded by exclaiming, “This woman has a great life!”

The video was released on microblogging, triggering hot debate among netizens: “Take pictures without life, day by day play!”

“How do you think ah, I would be a little water sickness if I stood in the middle of this.”

“Don’t do this kind of dangerous thing in the future.”

“It seems that when we went on a trip together a few friends also went to the top to take pictures, but the water flow is not so big, the water level is almost half of the stone pier, now look really scared.”

“Girl long snack it! The water is so turbulent and so dangerous you can also go to take pictures.”