China’s New Trick to Shake Off Virus in India

A new study by a Chinese research institute suggests that the source of the neoconaviruses is in the South Asian subcontinent, namely India and Bangladesh. This is China’s latest effort to shrug off the question of the virus’ source, after having shrugged off Italy, Spain, the United States, and several countries that export frozen meat to China.

Last December, roughly a year ago, China experienced a sudden outbreak of Wuhan pneumonia, known today as the new coronavirus epidemic. The outbreak quickly spread from China to the rest of the world, causing a global catastrophe. To date, more than 63 million people have been infected and nearly 1.5 million have died. The international community has called for an independent investigation into the source of the virus in China and to hold the Chinese government accountable for deliberately concealing the epidemic in the early stages of the outbreak and for causing delays that have accumulated around the world.

In order to get out of the embarrassing situation of being held accountable globally, and even being subjected to claims, the highest authorities of the CCP planned a series of responses to shirk responsibility, shifting the blame to Italy, Spain, the United States, etc. However, these actions were all too drastic. However, all of these actions were too absurd and ended in failure.

The study attributing the origin of the virus to India and Bangladesh was conducted by the Shanghai Life Sciences Research Group of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its study was published in the November 17 issue of the medical journal The Lancet. The report is called The Early Cryptic Transmission and Evolution of Sars-CoV-2 in Human Hosts.

They used an analytical approach in which the viral DNA undergoes replication with very small changes, and by using kinship analysis and observing DNA mutations, they were able to find a sample of the virus with the least amount of mutation, where the sample may have originated.

The team first excluded China from the list of suspects and instead targeted eight countries, including the United States and Australia, as the suspected source of the virus. The study found that India and Bangladesh had the least mutation, so that would be the source of the virus. The eight suspected source countries are: the United States, Australia, Italy, Russia, Greece, the Czech Republic, India, and Bangladesh.

The report suggests that both India and Bangladesh are neighbors of China, so it is likely that the Wuhan virus came from these two South Asian countries.

The report also points out that the virus may have reached Europe before entering China, so a global pandemic is inevitable, and Wuhan is only one link in its global spread.

Chinese official media have been publishing reports of imported frozen meat products, including India, Russia, Norway, Indonesia, Brazil, New Zealand, and Ecuador, among other countries. These countries have been the target of suspicion by Chinese scientists.

Observers have pointed out that one of the characteristics of China’s dumping is clearly related to the quality of its relationship with the country being dumped. The U.S. is the leader of the international “anti-China forces” and the main promoter of the blame to be placed on China in this pandemic. Therefore, the U.S. has become the first target for China’s scapegoating.

In March of this year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian today tweeted on the U.S. social media platform, accusing the U.S. military of bringing the virus to Wuhan, and also alleging that U.S. military laboratories were engaged in research on the virus, which led to leaks that caused the pandemic. He also demanded that the United States give the world an explanation.

Observers say that this dumping of India should be related to the India-China military confrontation. The military confrontation between India and China in the Himalayan border region has been going on for more than half a year and has resulted in bloodshed. Tensions along the border remain high.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Monday, “On the issue of traceability, China has taken the lead in scientific cooperation with WHO in an open, transparent and responsible manner. The WHO has also provided China with information on the progress of global research on the traceability of the new coronavirus, and the cooperation is progressing steadily, with both sides maintaining close exchanges and communication.”

Zhao Lijian, another spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry, reiterated that China was not necessarily the source of the virus, although it was the first country to experience an outbreak. Determining the source of the virus “is a responsible scientific issue,” according to China, and “requires the joint efforts of scientists around the world.