No one can beat TSMC to steal 70% of the world’s EUV lithography

After the semiconductor process entered the 7nm node, EUV lithography has become a key equipment, now only ASML can produce EUV lithography, the main customers are only three – TSMC, Intel and Samsung.

Due to short supply, EUV lithography has also become the focus of the three manufacturers to compete, but Intel’s 7nm process to 2022, so now there are EUV production lines are mainly TSMC, Samsung two.

In this race, TSMC is far ahead in the number of EUV lithography, according to statistics, ASML in recent years, a total of about 100 units of mass production of EUV lithography, of which 70 units supplied to TSMC, accounting for the vast majority of the share, most of which were delivered in the recent year.

Lee Jae-yong, head of Samsung Group, visited ASML last year specifically to get more EUV lithography supply, but shortening the gap with TSMC still requires a lot of effort.

For Samsung, although the EUV lithography machine sold for more than 100 million euros, but Samsung is not unaffordable, and TSMC in the EUV lithography gap is not a capital investment decision, but TSMC pulled to customers, including Apple, AMD, which is the key to TSMC to expand the EUV production line.

In contrast, Samsung’s EUV process customers are too few, in addition to their own Exynos chips, mainly Qualcomm, NVIDIA, IBM, although also looking for Samsung foundry, but has not used the EUV production line.