When the monk, sell the house to study, the little-known experience of the over-the-hill idol

F4 as an era mark, although 20 years after the debut, but as once red throughout Southeast Asia’s idol group, the four can occasionally engage in a screen together to set off a round of memories to kill, but the development of everyone has been a world of difference.

The most beautiful face of the year, the hottest, is still the hottest one. The recent romance film “A Little Bit Moved” starring Yan Chengxu and Ren Suxie has released its final trailer, the past two years, he also starred in the idol drama “I like you so much”, but also in the “New Dance Assembly” “Ace to Ace” and other variety show brushed presence, well maintained, he is 44 years old is still a male god look.

The face of Zhou Yumin is not lower than that of Yan Chengxu, belongs to the melancholy and elegant type, he is low-key, but still sought after, the past two years there are “fire like a song” and “Song Palace” two when the first male costume drama, but his maintenance is worse than Yan Chengxu some, more than a bit of the vicissitudes of age.

Wu Jianhao development is not bad, with Cecilia Cheung co-starring in the TV series “if, love”, but also the film “electromagnetic king of the thunderbolt father and son” and “Ip Man 4” starring, but also two consecutive seasons as “this! is the street dance” mentor for two seasons. When he was young, Wu Jianhao’s face was not complimentary, but now he dresses stylishly, and with the years, his face has improved instead.

Zhu Xiaotian is the worst of the four, can already be classified to the ranks of the past stars, completely extinguished, film and television, he has not a new work broadcast for three years, there are two pending drama, but both play male number three. In the past two years, he has appeared twice, both F4 reunions, and earlier, he was one of the many guests of the “Spitting Image 3” and “Crossover Comedy King 4”.

At this particular time, Zhu Xiaotian has been living in Taiwan for the past two years and has been living apart from his wife Han Wenwen for almost two years.

He has recently been involved in raising pets, playing with cats and dogs, probably resting for too long, the fat is more obvious, the face is a circle, the face is not high, more “worse”.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Fortunately, Zhu Xiaotian was discovered as an artist when he was working in a restaurant and appeared in the role of Simon in “Meteor Garden”, making his debut a big hit. Of course, after all, Simon is only the companion of Daomingsi and Hanazawa class, so Zhu Xiaotian’s popularity, from then on, is not as good as Yan Chengxu and Zhou Yumin.

After becoming popular, Zhu Xiaotian still maintained a high level of heat in those years, starring in several dramas and also releasing many albums, with some scandals accompanying them.

In 2004, Zhu Xiaotian and Li Bingbing were photographed “cheating door”, the two in the hotel elevator hugging, kissing, the video was exposed on the set off an uproar, when Zhu Xiaotian said with Li Bingbing is a long time love, and Li Bingbing did not respond positively, only that they do not want to cooperate with some people hype. The more defeated good feeling is, at that time Zhu Xiaotian is a Japanese scandalous girlfriend, was called cheating.

In 2006, Zhu Xiaotian during the filming of “The Legend of Chu Liu Xiang”, was publicly accused by the agent of the same actress Wang Jing on the set of beating people, the reason is to suspect that the agent photographed him when taking pictures, forced to view, after an argument Zhu Xiaotian copied a chair to smash people, but also cursed very hard, but fortunately was stopped; however, his agent responded that only a verbal altercation occurred.

The entertainment industry is a face industry, and Zhu Xiaotian’s face, really not handsome, and Yan Chengxu and Zhou Yumin can not be compared, so when he played the first male Chu Liu Xiang in the “Legend of Chu Liu Xiang”, co-starring Hu Jing, Qiu Ciaoxiang and Sun Fei Fei and other beautiful women, it attracted massive ridicule, the “Chu Liu Xiang kebab picture” I believe many students will not forget.

The most important thing is that the idolatrous Zhu Xiaotian, later also blessed a lot, many times was photographed disillusioned photos, just like a middle-aged greasy uncle look.

Zhu Xiaotian blessed will give people a lazy, undisciplined image, he has not responded, until an interview in 2019, only to say the reason for the blossoming.

It turns out that Zhu Xiaotian has been suffering from fibromyalgia for a long time, and his body often has inexplicable throbbing pains that require him to insist on taking medication, which has affected his metabolism for a long time.

Zhu Xiaotian gradually out of fashion, but also with his own more Buddhist personality.

The first few years of popularity, he felt very uncomfortable with the work and life state: non-stop work, as if imprisoned in a hotel, unable to enjoy life …… he even asked the company to work only six months a year.

After his career went downhill, he began to learn to cultivate his body and soul, and once went to Thailand to experience as a monk for a month, shaving off his hair and eyebrows.

Later on, Zhu Xiaotian also sold his house and famous watches and bags and went north to study at the Beijing Film Academy to further his studies in the directing department, and then also went to the University of International Business and Economics to read retail management at the NOAO Business School, graduating successfully with a master’s degree in 2019.

Zhu Xiaotian also opened an antique jewelry store in Beijing, with a special place to meditate in the store.

The store also has a guqin, which Zhu Xiaotian plays when he has nothing else to do, with skillful and relaxing sound.

If you combine these factors, it’s easy to understand why Zhu Xiaotian became the first of the F4 to go out of fashion.

Of course, everything should not be taken at face value. The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Zhu Xiaotian’s experience, we see the growth of a person, young and vigorous, lost in fame and fortune, after years of sedimentation, he has washed away the lead, not only to improve themselves, but also learned to get along with the world with an open mind, to live a life of self-awareness and comfort.

There are many stars in the entertainment industry who are over the hill, but over the hill is only the surface, can live the life they want, is the root.