Indian actor passed away from the epidemic before the death of struggling images revealed: I could have lived

The Wuhan pneumonia epidemic is spreading across the world, especially in India, where it is nearly out of control, with more than 300,000 confirmed cases for 17 consecutive days. India’s famous actor Rahul Vohra (Rahul Vohra) unfortunately passed away from the epidemic, his wife released his last video before his death, only to see Rahul Vohra look sad, complaining about the lack of hospital resources.

According to CNN, the video released by his wife, Jyoti Tiwari, shows Rahul Vohra wearing an oxygen mask with a painful expression, complaining that even if he was uncomfortable and called the medical staff, he often had to wait for an hour before someone came, and had to endure this difficult period by himself.

He then shouted in discontent: “If I could get better treatment, I would be able to live!” After the death of her husband, Tiwari left a sad message: “Everyone knows Rahul has passed away, but no one knows how he left,” and threatened to continue her protest against the lack of medical resources, drawing fans to the platform in solidarity.