Taiwan not invited to WHO conference, criticizes Beijing for obstruction

For the fifth consecutive year, Taiwan was not invited to the WHO. Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry criticized Beijing for obstruction and called on the international community not to ignore the voices of support for Taiwan’s participation in global epidemic prevention efforts through parochial and self-serving political considerations. Beijing countered that Taiwan’s participation in international organizations must be handled in accordance with the one-China principle, and criticized the DPP for political maneuvering in light of the epidemic.

In Taiwan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ou Jiang’an criticized the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s presumptuous claim that China has made proper arrangements for Taiwan’s participation in global health affairs at a press conference on Tuesday (11), saying that the claim was completely at odds with the facts and international perceptions.

Ou Jiang’an said: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs solemnly calls on the Chinese government to take a responsible attitude to the health and safety of all mankind, and not to take parochial and selfish political considerations, ignoring the strong voice of the international community in support of Taiwan’s participation in global epidemic prevention, to allow Taiwan to participate in the WHA with our successful epidemic prevention experience, I believe we will be able to make concrete contributions, with Taiwan’s experience and experience resources, we We are happy to share our experience and resources with the world, and work together with the world to promote human health and safety.

Ou said that only the elected government of Taiwan can represent the people of Taiwan at WHO and other international organizations, and that the people’s health and human rights are guarded by the government of Taiwan, and China has no right or ability to do so. She reiterated that Taiwan will fight to the last minute and do its best to fight for the right to participate.

Ou Jiang’an said: “As of today, we have not yet received an invitation letter from WHA. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to work together with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to fight until the last minute and do our best to fight for our right to participate.

Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong said that he will continue to liaise with the WHO and has not given up the opportunity to participate, and that during the WHO conference, Taiwan will also hold talks with relevant countries on health and other issues through video.

Chen Shizhong said: Of course, the registration time has now closed, that is, not completely give up such opportunities, we will ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in foreign embassies to continue to contact there, but also ask countries with similar ideas to help us continue to speak out. In fact, if he is willing to send an invitation letter, he can still (participate). The second is our philosophy, we used to prepare some more important bilateral and multilateral talks to be held at that time (during the World Health Assembly).

DPP spokesperson Jane Shu Pei said that after a wave of international support for Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly, China blocked Taiwan again yesterday on the grounds of the “one-China principle”, and Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that no one cares more about the health of Taiwan compatriots than China, and that the Chinese government has made proper arrangements for Taiwan’s participation in global health affairs. The world can once again see that the Beijing authorities have a tendency to lie and bully the weak, and even insult the name of “strong country”.

We thank all countries for their courage in supporting Taiwan, but at the same time, we strongly condemn China for its unreasonable and brutal obstruction. For this year’s WHA, we have not given up yet, and until the last moment, we will try our best to join the world epidemic prevention system and contribute to epidemic prevention.

Wang Yumin, chairman of the KMT’s Cultural and Communication Committee, said that the KMT advocates the right of the Republic of China to enter the WHA as an observer, which concerns the health rights of the people of Taiwan and can also be used to communicate with the world. During the KMT’s administration, it tried its best to communicate with the other side of the Taiwan Strait to obtain the basis of political mutual trust, and also successfully obtained the WHA tickets for eight years.

Wang Yumin pointed out that after Tsai Ing-wen took office, Taiwan has been unable to participate in the WHA for five consecutive years. I hope that Tsai’s government can come up with concrete ways to defend the health of Taiwanese people and not to let Taiwan be shut out of the WHA, and find ways to bring Taiwan back to the international stage.

In Beijing, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying reiterated on Tuesday that Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, including WHO activities, must be handled in accordance with the one-China principle.

She criticized the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for its insistence on a Taiwan independence stance since coming to power and not recognizing that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same China, resulting in the political basis for Taiwan’s participation in the WHO no longer existing and the situation being caused by the DPP, and advised the DPP to stop using the epidemic to engage in political maneuvering.