Chest badge number 000001

As you know, our country has a “license plate system” for police numbers. A badge and a police number are combined to identify a person. The police number is a 6-digit number. In the same sequence, the smaller the number, the bigger the official. The Minister of Public Security and the heads of provincial public security departments …… have the same badge number on their chests: 000001.

In Inner Mongolia, eight years ago, 000001 belonged to Zhao Liping, who was a police officer in Inner Mongolia. He has been in the Inner Mongolian police force for 40 years. It was in 2005 that he officially put on the police number.

In the second year after he retired from the police force, Zhao did something that none of his rivals had the guts to do in his forty years in the police force: a car chase in a downtown area, shooting his 26-year-old lover, Li Jiayi, and burning the poor woman’s body and disfiguring her face in a deserted mountain.

There was no way to cover up this unbelievable murder. A bunch of eyewitnesses in downtown Chifeng witnessed a scene that was even more brutal than the fierce bandits.

Zhao Liping first argued with Li Jiayi on the street and fired several shots at him with a revolver, but missed. Then he went crazy and punched the woman in the head with the barrel of his gun. A bloodied Li Jiayi ran for his life and stopped a white Kia on an overpass bridge, calling for help from the three people in the car.

As the three men got out of the car and negotiated with Zhao Liping, who was chasing after them.
As a survival instinct, Li Jiayi rushed to the cab of the Kia, grabbed the car and drove towards her parents’ new city of Lily. On the way, the terrified girl called her family and dialed 110 to report that she was being pursued by the head of the Public Security Bureau.

But that didn’t get rid of Zhao Liping. Zhao Liping gave chase in his black Audi, eventually forcing the desperate woman to stop under a family building in Lily New Town, a neighborhood in the Songshan district of Chifeng.

Zhao stepped out of the Audi and stood in front of Li Jiayi’s car window. He used a six-four pistol and shot the driver in the chest. The shot at close range caused the girl to suffer a penetrating chest wound, rupture of both lungs, acute hemorrhage, and instant death.

Zhao Liping, in full view of the blood-soaked Li Jiayi from the Kia dragged into the Audi, overnight from Chifeng City, Song Shan District downtown to Songshan Dangpu Di Manchu Village, Xinjing Village, a parking lot under construction.

It is said that Zhao Liping also asked a local goat herder for directions in the middle. After stopping, he sat under the dirt slope on the south side of the parking lot and smoked a cigarette for a long time. Then he stood up, shot the woman’s body twice in the head with a .64-caliber pistol, poured gasoline on her face and burned it, and finally buried it with construction waste.

Director Zhao was executed in 2017. He all but confessed to his relationship with Li Jiayi. He did not confess to intentional homicide until his death. He said that the shooting was the result of anger combined with long-standing hatred and the chaos of that night, and was not intentional or premeditated. Li Jiayi had been eating himself up for a long time, borrowing a large amount of money for a long time, blackmailing him with things, and recording their phone calls. He has been tortured to the point that he has no dignity and is “nothing”.

The new director of the police department, Ma Ming, is the one who took over the 000001 police number from Zhao Liping.

This official, who was transferred from the Jilin provincial finance system to the public security system, showed a completely different endowment than his predecessor.

Zhao Liping’s idea of the Inner Mongolian public security system was to propose a “quick duel” for public security before leaving office: “solve the case within a week, catch it within a week, even if it is a quick duel. The military is very fast, to play fast and slow, slow to be controlled by the enemy.”

The new 000001 is the most expensive hardware construction and upgrade in the history of Inner Mongolia Public Security. By integrating the street anti-control network, community anti-control network, unit internal anti-control network to form a “ground network”, open the video surveillance network, the formation of a “skynet”, realizing the social security of Inner Mongolia real-time, visual, dynamic monitoring. It is said that the number of security cases in Inner Mongolia dropped by 40% straight away.

The old is new and the longitudinal and latitudinal are distinct. Two eras.

At the same time, Ma Ming began to weave a huge personnel system for Inner Mongolian public security officials. The heart of this system was: money.

The year Zhao Liping was executed, Wang Yongqing, then head of the Hohhot traffic management detachment, planned to pay someone to move him from the Hohhot traffic detachment to Baotou or some other city with relatively good economic conditions to become chief of public security.

He found Zhao Yunhui, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Department, whose police number is 000003.

The price Zhao Yunhui offered to Wang Yongqing was 10 million yuan. Wang Yongqing said he couldn’t get that much money. After haggling, the final price was 7 million yuan. After happily accepting the money, No. 0000003 promised that his little brother would soon be transferred to Hohhot or Baotou as the head of the Public Security Bureau.

To be sure, this was just an ordinary deal in a number of deals made by Zhao’s deputy director. Ma, who sat in the background, had no need or energy to ask questions. As a result, the 7 million in black gold was actually hacked by his trusty 000003 for a full 5 million. Ma Ming only received 2 million yuan.

This price was an insult to Ma’s director. It was not convenient for him to ask questions. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Xing’an League is still an economically backward region. This is a far cry from the demands of the net chief.

With resentment, Wang Yongqing reluctantly worked in this Xingan League position until his fall in November 2019.

The interrogation, aggrieved Wang Yongqing bit out a bribe of 7 million to buy the official 000003, cross implicated 000001. Ma Ming only knew that Zhao Yunhui privately embezzled 5 million intermediate fees.

Six months before Ma Ming’s downfall, Li Zhibin, deputy director of the Inner Mongolia Public Security Department, deputy mayor of Hohhot, and director of the Public Security Bureau, hanged himself in the rest room of the Hohhot Public Security Bureau. He was also the right-hand man promoted by Ma Ming.


After this reorganization, the curse of this sinister number of bad luck may be ended.