The May Day holiday in the Communist Party of China top collective stealth personnel changes will be announced?

The Chinese Communist Party’s top brass were all invisible during the five-day May Day holiday on the mainland. There are many rumors of personnel changes at the top of the Communist Party recently. Analysis suggests that some of the personnel transfers decided before the holiday may be announced in the near future.

The April meeting of the CCP Political Bureau was held on the last day (April 30), chaired by Xi Jinping, to “analyze and study the current economic situation and economic work,” among other things. In the afternoon of the same day, the 29th Politburo collective study was also held.

According to a signed commentary in the Hong Kong media Ming Pao, the past five days have seen the entire top echelon of the CPC invisible. For the past five days, the CCP media did not report on Xi’s appearance, but instead combed through “the heartwarming moments between Xi Jinping and young students.”

The Communist Party mouthpiece also reported that Xi Jinping, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, “sent his congratulations and sincere condolences to the working masses nationwide” on the occasion of May Day.

In addition, according to official media reports, the April 30 Politburo meeting “discussed other matters,” which are usually considered to be personnel-related issues.

After the meeting, there was a lot of news about personnel changes, including the promotion of Wuhan Secretary Wang Zhonglin to become the governor of Hubei Province, the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee Chen Weijun will take over as Wuhan Secretary, Hubei Provincial Governor Wang Xiaodong will go to serve on a special committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Hebei Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Dongfeng is rumored to go to Beijing to take over the National Development and Reform Commission, Governor Xu Qin will take over as Hebei Secretary, and the governor of Hebei Province will be replaced by Shandong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary Yang Dongqi across the province. Vice Governor of Shandong Province Zeng Zanrong will take up the post of Party Secretary of Qingdao, and will be among the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee to fill the vacancy left by Wang Qingxian after his promotion to Governor of Anhui Province.

However, as of May 5, only one of the above rumors has materialized, as Wang Zhonglin has been confirmed by the official media to be promoted to Deputy Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Group of the provincial government, and his successor as governor has been called for.

Hong Kong media article that other personnel rumors are delayed due to the holiday announcement, or “fraud”, may be in the near future to see the difference.