What if Amazon has been doing this for three months and doesn’t order?

As cross-border e-commerce is more and more accepted by the public, many domestic sellers and even e-commerce whites have been involved in it, we all have a lofty ambition to show off in Amazon and other cross-border e-commerce platforms. However, the ideal is very full, but the reality is very bone-headed… Monkey this time received a lot of friends leave a private message about a few months without a single this problem, we have expressed the fear of suffering no one under a single, no matter how good the enthusiasm will also be slowly worn away.

In fact, the general encounter this kind of we can’t single, or don’t worry, we have to find the reason, after all, a platform exists, must have his value. And at the same time, we should also be reflective, I am not the platform needed, and whether I am suitable for this platform.

Each platform has its own rules, so judge I can’t get out of the single, there is the same way, I mention a few on my side, please see if it is due to these reasons, to rule out.

I. Whether the category breakdown of goods is necessary for the platform

Product selection is a very important discipline in the realm of cross-border e-commerce. Good product selection will make your store more than half successful. Generally speaking, any of the products on the shelves are based on platform data and the needs of the target market to assess the shelves, otherwise it is meaningless shelves, not a single is also normal, then there is a reminder, for many do not have their own sources of sellers, are in 1688 what you will see on what to sell, which is very taboo.

Then there is a selection of products on the shelves of some reminders, must conform to the local market user consumption habits, such as the main picture is not white, there is no use of good keywords to promote the probability of goods to be searched.

Please take a careful look at the current their own listing, there are not those who do not meet the local people like, like, very intuitive is to affect their habits, affect their religion, that is on the wrong product, it is recommended that off, for other products on the shelves. Specific on what products, refer to the first section of this paragraph.

Second, is not the price tag is too high

Ecommerce conversions often price plays a decisive role, if someone else’s similar product is cheaper and yours is higher, then there is no need to buy on your side, and the same way we buy things on Taobao ourselves.

So pricing has a very important role to play in cross-border conversions, because this directly affects your revenue. In the calculation of revenue profit in cross-border, the general calculation is.

Profits = selling price – shipping – costs – platform fees (including advertising, etc.)

Reasonable use of a combination of shipping and selling prices can better help sellers gain profit, but of course, it is not too high, because the user is not stupid. It is recommended to refer to similar products to find an average price of the industry that they can cover, and it is not recommended to pay a very low price, which will lead to market confusion.

3、Shop decoration or activity promotion

Good product master image, good product title are all can determine the probability of the product to be searched, coupled with our main image beautiful and promotion to attract users to order, etc., can help us complete the conversion of traffic to sales. In the Amazon operation process, the biggest conversion factor is the listing, and even an industry insider said, good listing will help you to improve the conversion of 200%, not to say true or false, but this is a major point that we can not ignore.

Four, don’t worry, wait.

If you’ve done all of the above, there’s no rush. Or consumers are on their way here. Another thing is that there is already a monopoly on mega-selling in the sub-category, in which case it is recommended to develop obscenely, retreat, and move on to another category.

In short, when you encounter no single situation, you must promptly jump out of the original thinking and operating framework, macro to think about the possible problems and the next solution. In the end Monkey here wishes you all to be able to go further and further on the road of cross-border, burst single big sale!