Apple iPhone 13 debut Adjustment bangs

The new iPhone 13 is expected to be an important new cell phone this fall, although it is expected to be a minor revision with few changes to its appearance. According to a set of renders drawn by tipster @Waqar Khan, the new iPhone may finally have some adjustments to the “bangs” design, as well as fine-tuning part of the camera appearance.

One of the bigger changes is that Apple may change the position of the dual lenses from the current “up and down” arrangement of iPhone 12 to a diagonal one, while the bangs will also be reduced in width in iPhone 13. Compared to iPhone 12, which may not be noticeable to users, the “short bangs” on iPhone 13 with the existing narrow bezel is expected to give users the feeling of a larger screen to screen ratio.

However, some core design elements, such as the screen size, squared-off bezels, and protruding main camera design, will remain in iPhone 13, and the overall shape will still be highly similar to the existing iPhone 12. If you want to see Apple really cancel the bangs design, according to well-known analyst Guo Ming𫓹, you may have to wait until 2023 to achieve, when Apple may change through the “under-screen Face ID” lens form, the launch of “no bangs The “no bangs” iPhone.

As for the main upgrade points of iPhone13, they include 120Hz high frame rate, LTPO OLED panel, and a new generation of A15 Bionic processor and new Qualcomm 5G chip. While the hard module of the lens is not expected to change significantly, Apple may continue to upgrade the photo and video recording experience in the soft algorithm.