Lazy ignoring 40 million debts and multiple losses Li Yapeng started a new real estate project

On May 4, a netizen posted a video of a park camp opening a bonfire party, saying that Li Yapeng and Yang Kun were both drinking here.

In the video, Li Yapeng shouted to the audience on stage that not everyone in this world is in it for the money. He claims that making everyone feel happy is his only purpose.

Some netizens claim that the park where Li Yapeng and Yang Kun appeared this time is founded by Li Yapeng’s own investment, and the local official also sent out a news release on May 3, saying that the campground was officially launched and a new generation of Netflix hit spots appeared. This is the third campground operated by Li Yapeng, before he has opened in Dali, Nanxijiang two places. According to the people who went to the card, no tickets are required to enter the park, which really seems to be not for money, as Li Yapeng said.

Previously, he had spent 163 million yuan to buy land in Lijiang, intending to establish a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan in the snowy mountain town, but the project eventually ended in failure two years after the launch, selling 51% of the shares out for 193 million yuan. Then in 2017 he launched the first China Wengu cultural tourism project in Zhengzhou, with a planned investment of 3 billion yuan. A reporter visited the investigation in March 2021 and found that the main body of the project had not been under construction for these four years, and it turned out that he started to withdraw in 2018. After that, Li Yapeng continued to buy land in Jiangxi Ganzhou, again decided to invest in running their own China Wengu, still no news.