Wife suspected of hand washing trouble 5 kg of crayfish all thrown into the washing machine

Many people in mainland China like to eat crayfish, but the cleaning before cooking makes many people feel the trouble, Zunyi, Guizhou has a woman whimsical, about 5 kg of crayfish into the washing machine to clean, did not expect to finally open the washing machine to see but she was completely dumbfounded.

“Sina Watch” reported that a woman surnamed Zhou in Zunyi, Guizhou, in order to praise the children’s good test scores, so bought 5 kg of crayfish ready to take care of, because they feel that only cleaning by hand is very troublesome, and just saw on the Internet users to share the “magic trick” to wash the old lobster in the washing machine “The 5 kilograms of crayfish were all thrown into the washing machine at home, and the quick wash button was pressed.

In the upcoming dehydration stage, Zhou rushed to turn off the washing machine, but was surprised to see a devastating scene, all the crayfish are washed into slag, grabbed a handful, only broken shrimp shells. Zhou said she was seeing this ludicrous scene, feeling silly, could not help but laugh out loud, rushed to buy another 5 kg of small red shrimp, honestly scrubbed by hand.

In fact, microblogging has a lot of users to share the best way to wash crawfish, and Hubei business developed a “special washing machine for washing crawfish”, claiming that after 3 minutes 150 times the rotation, crawfish not only remain alive and eating meat more Q-tip.

A business in mainland China launched the “crawfish special washing machine”. (Photo/reproduced from Weibo)

A woman in mainland China put the crawfish into the washing machine to clean, did not expect the crawfish finally all broken into slag. (Photo/from Netease News)