Final G2 vs DWG Preview: for G2 to win, Jankos and Wunder must play 120% of their power

Not to say LCK’s league performance, on the performance of the World Series, Canyon is definitely a big master of wild nuclear play, male gun leopard woman these heroes, take out the early stage can do things, this is a very scary thing, big turtle winning the game, none of the early stage is a big advantage in the field, 10 minutes or so began to squeeze the field resources, then radiation line, this play threat is very big, it is easy to play in the early stage of the big advantage.

The key to winning is the confrontation with the wilderness. Facing Canyon’s invasion play, Jankos’ signature spider may be able to work wonders, with a strong backhand ability, do a good job of catching him in the field, or play more linkage to disrupt DWG’s invasion rhythm, just like JDG’s game, seize the opportunity to fight and disrupt.

With Canyon’s pool of heroes, Ban is Ban endless, effective targeting is the hard truth! I also feel that G2’s coach is quite good at BP, maybe if the coach plays well, G2 could really continue last year’s legend, let’s wait and see!