Vote punishment? Modi’s party loses a key inter-state election India’s epidemic perishers reported a new high today

India’s neo-coronavirus (COVID) outbreak is in a catastrophic situation.

India’s neo-coronavirus cases fell slightly on Sunday, but deaths from COVID-19 rose by a record 3,689, and the country’s poor health care system can’t cope with such a large volume of cases. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party lost the crucial Indian state elections, according to Reuters.

India’s new pneumonia epidemic is severe, with a record 3,689 new deaths reported today, although the number of new infections has declined.

More foreign medical aid arrived in India today, hoping to alleviate the severe shortage of oxygen.

The AFP news agency said that India is currently experiencing a record number of new cases and deaths almost every day. The epidemic crisis is sweeping through under-resourced hospitals in the cities and spreading to rural areas. India, with a population of 1.3 billion people, today recorded 3,689 new deaths from the epidemic, a single-day high since the beginning of the epidemic, and a cumulative death toll of more than 215,000; nearly 400,000 new cases of the epidemic were recorded, with a cumulative total of more than 19.5 million cases.

As the authorities released the latest figures, countries took action to help India, with medical equipment such as oxygen machines from France and Germany arriving in the capital, New Delhi.

Odisha is the latest province to be ordered to close its cities to the epidemic today. The country’s most serious epidemic in the city of Delhi yesterday added more than 25,000 cases, the city authorities extended the closure of the city for a week.

According to the Central News Agency (CNA), although India opened the vaccination for all adults yesterday, there is now a shortage of supply and people under 45 years old can only register online.

India is in election season. Meanwhile, the incumbent chief minister’s party in India’s West Bengal state defeated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party in a state election held in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic that has surged to crisis levels, Reuters said.