Taiwan’s Foreign Minister: The Chinese Communist Party does not rule Taiwan for one day; if it commits a crime, Taiwan will fight to the end

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu Chiu-sup said that the Chinese Communist Party has not ruled Taiwan for a day and that if the Chinese Communist Party violates Taiwan by force, Taiwan will defend itself and fight to the end.

Wu made the remarks in an interview with the British television channel Sky News on Thursday (April 29).

In the interview, Wu answered questions from a British journalist about the Chinese military threat, the current state of cross-strait relations, and Taiwan’s relationship with the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the recent frequent military moves by Chinese Communist Party forces around the Taiwan Strait, Wu said, “Taiwan is our country, freedom and democracy is the way of life chosen by 23.5 million people, and the people of Taiwan will continue to stand firm in defense of their homeland and their hard-won democratic system.”

Taiwan is now becoming the most dangerous place in the world, according to an article in the British magazine The Economist on Friday, and the U.S. military presence in the Asia-Pacific region has been effective in thwarting attempts by Chinese Communist forces to attack Taiwan since the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. However, in the last 20 years or so, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has seen a rapid increase in equipment and military strength, with the Chinese navy now numbering 360 ships, more than the 297 ships of the United States.

The Economist article says that in the last two years the situation in Hong Kong has changed dramatically, the one-country-two-systems model has disintegrated, Taiwan has lost its trust in Beijing, and Beijing’s patience for solving the Taiwan issue is rapidly diminishing. The possibility and urgency of the mainland’s armed reunification with Taiwan has increased significantly. The U.S. military has severely judged that the Chinese Communist Party will likely attack Taiwan within the next six years.

Wu pointed out that Taiwan is not only a democracy, but also a high-tech powerhouse at the forefront of China’s expansion of its authoritarian order. If China violates Taiwan by force, Wu reminded the international community, “the consequences would be disruptive to the world.

Wu said that Taiwan expects the international community to “continue to support a free and democratic Taiwan.

In response to Beijing’s claim that Taiwan is part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China, Wu pointed out that “the fact is that the Chinese government has not ruled Taiwan for a single day, and this is a fact, moreover, the status quo.”

He said Taiwan’s role as a beacon of democracy has attracted many people to aspire to a free and democratic system, which has made the authoritarian rule of the Chinese Communist Party feel threatened. As a result, Wu said, “the Chinese Communist Party has continued its civil and military attacks on Taiwan,” and “in addition to constant military nuisance and threats, it has also used the so-called ‘one-China principle’ to suppress Taiwan’s international space. “

In addition, Wu said, China also through false messages, mixed warfare and “gray areas” and other strategies to combat the trust of the Taiwanese people in the government, in preparation for a military attack.