The Strategic Competition Act of 2021 Makes Communist Dreams Hard to Fulfill

Since Biden entered the White House, the Chinese Communist Party has been very complacent, thinking that it could control Biden and his administration to do what the Chinese Communist Party wanted to do. But Biden has been in office for less than 100 days and the CCP is already disappointed to the core. Sure, Biden has been soft on the CCP, his secretary of state and national security adviser were publicly lectured by the CCP’s two highest-ranking war wolves in front of the world, and his climate envoy was shoved into the back of a bus with the CCP when he visited China, comparable to when Obama was let out the back door of a plane. However, the U.S. as a whole has been more aggressive against the CCP than it was during the Trump era, something the CCP did not anticipate.

The CCP thought of the U.S. national structure as being approximately the same as China’s and thought the Führer could do whatever he wanted. Wrong, the American fathers designed the American government with a high degree of human evil in mind, and did their best to keep power in a cage, so the president can’t do whatever he wants. The law is made by Congress, the president can only sign it, if the president refused to sign, Congress voted again, passed by a 2/3 majority also became law. The last Trump administration spent several years painstakingly reminding the United States and the world that the Chinese Communist Party is the number one enemy. In addition, COVID 19 spread from Wuhan to the world, and the world is still suffering from it, while the Chinese Communist Party refuses to release key data for people to investigate the origin of the virus, so the U.S. Congress and both parties have formed a high degree of consensus that the Chinese Communist Party has been raised by the U.S. as a vicious wolf, and now it has come close to killing its own body.

Last week, the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee passed a landmark bill, the Strategic Competition Act of 2021, which is specifically tailored to the Chinese Communist Party, identifying the threats and penetration of the Chinese Communist Party in politics, economics, diplomacy, education, culture and international management, and outlining how to resist and counter the Chinese Communist Party’s penetration. This is a major cross-party bill to develop a strategic approach to China in the United States, and is considered a landmark bill that unites both parties in a bipartisan move toward greater confrontation on China policy.

Because the bill is the result of close cooperation between Democrats and Republicans, Senator Menendez, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Senator Risch, the top ranking Republican, spoke on the bill before it was voted on by the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

Democratic Senator Menendez said, “Today’s China (Communist Party) is challenging the United States and destabilizing the international community in every aspect of politics, diplomacy, economics, innovation, the military, and even culture.” “The Strategic Competition Act is an unprecedented bipartisan effort that mobilizes all of America’s strategic, economic and diplomatic tools.”

In his remarks, Republican Senator Risch focused on measures to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s theft of U.S. intellectual property through infiltration of U.S. institutions of higher learning. He noted that elected officials are not allowed to take money from the Chinese Communist Party because then they would speak for the CCP; likewise colleges and universities are not allowed to take money from the CCP. He also gave the example of a person who touted the CCP in a speech because a Confucius Institute gave her $1,500. If $1,500 can buy a piece of praise for the CCP, what will happen to the infusion of millions of dollars into colleges and universities? He also estimated that this bill, after passing the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, would get more than 60 percent of the votes in favor when it reaches the Senate. So, the sweep of the United States against the CCP is about to begin, and the dream of the CCP stealing from the United States will soon turn into a nightmare.