Xie Tian: The many problems caused by the population figures wearing off

The results of China’s seventh census are still a mystery. Sources close to the matter say the census was completed last December, but the Communist government has been slow to announce it. Population experts say the new data is “very sensitive” and that there is “shocking” news behind it.

The Chinese Communist regime’s falsification, deception, bragging, and flooding of numbers are the same as the Chinese Communist Party’s lies and violent nature, and have been known to governments and people around the world for a long time, both in politics and business. In American universities, when professors teach courses such as “international marketing,” “international business,” and “world economics,” English textbooks include The term “Shuifen” (water) is a term used to describe the extent to which the Chinese Communist government’s statistics are false. People are used to dictatorships and authoritarian regimes falsifying their economic size and military power, and at least outsiders can understand why these dictators do it. But when it comes to population data, there are really very few governments that are falsifying, except for the Chinese Communist regime.

In the former Soviet Union, during the Communist regime in Romania, and even in closed North Korea, dictatorships openly expressed their concern about the underpopulation of their countries and would provide incentives and public opinion campaigns to encourage women to have more children in order to increase their population figures. Only the Chinese Communist regime, arguably uniquely evil in the world, after decades of family planning and one-child policy, has snapped to the realization that what China is facing is no longer a problem of population growth, but a problem of declining population, disappearing demographic dividend, and labor shortage! As a result, the data from this year’s Chinese census, China’s real population figures, have suddenly become an extremely sensitive, carefully trimmed and deliberate secret before they dare to be published!

The propaganda of the Chinese Communist regime, that China is the world’s most populous country, with a large land mass and a large population, has been shouted for seventy years, and is a usual claim that can bring the nation a sense of national pride and superiority. The sudden loss of this title will make many people feel confused and a sense of loss, and they will reflect on what happened to our nation and country. Is it that people don’t want to be reincarnated into this country anymore? Or has family planning and baby slaughter gone too far? Or is it simply because the way of thinking of young people nowadays has changed?

When the Chinese Communist Party launched its family planning policy, or when it boasted of its large population, it obviously did not take into account at all the balanced development of society, the carrying capacity of China’s land and natural resources, the gender ratio of men and women, the issue of aging, the issue of life expectancy of the population, and the issue of retirement pensions. That aside, it is the falsification of population figures that has now finally been exposed, and a series of problems will arise when the lies are exposed. This should also be the reason why the Chinese government is hesitant to release the latest census figures.

The CCP government was scheduled to release the census in early April, but in April, officials from Anhui and Shandong and spokesmen from the CCP’s National Bureau of Statistics said they would “pay attention to changes in census data” and “report to local party committees and governments in a timely manner”. “strictly adhere to data confidentiality regulations,” “strengthen public opinion monitoring and response,” and “guide public opinion.” And so on. But the wearing out and revealing of China’s population figures raises more questions, or raises more doubts.

The Financial Times says that despite the easing of family planning, China’s population may be declining for the first time since records began in 1949. It is estimated that China’s actual total population may be less than 1.4 billion! But in 2019, China’s population has surpassed 1.4 billion. Yi Fuxian, a Chinese demographer and author of the book “The Empty Nest of the Great Nation,” believes that the real figures of this census are far from the expectations of the outside world and could trigger a storm of public opinion, regardless of whether the authorities have artificially adjusted them. He believes that the actual population of the country in 2020 will not exceed 1.28 billion. If that were the case, China’s population number would be surpassed by India’s 1.38 billion, and China would lose its throne as the top population.

It is not a big deal that the world’s number one population is taken away by India, but if the international community thinks that China’s population growth is slowing down, the fairy tale of the huge “Chinese market” may be shattered; a declining or even sharply declining population means a declining consumer base and a declining labor force. If India continues to maintain a higher birth rate and growth rate than China, is it possible that India’s economy will overtake China’s in the near future? Where will the Chinese Communist Party put its old face?

If China’s population figures are false, what about the rest of the figures? The number of CCP members? The number of Chinese Communist Party officials? Isn’t the ratio of officials to people rising too fast? If the population is decreasing while the number of CCP officials is increasing, this means that the burden on the Chinese people is increasing, the number of officials supported by every hundred taxpayers is increasing, and the problems of redundancy and empty pay will become more serious. If China’s population is decreasing, and the amount of money the state spends on each person’s head is not decreasing, where is that money going?

The United States has also just completed its decennial census. The numbers from the recent US 2020 census reveal that Democratic California will lose seats in the House and Republican Texas, among others, will gain seats. This trend is in line with what one sees with the American population leaving Democratic controlled such as New York and California. If there is a massive population decline in China, people will ask which provinces and regions are losing people? What kind of people are gone? What kind of people are gone?

If China’s population suddenly disappears by tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions, whose fault is it that these numbers were previously misreported? Who will lose their hats? China’s GDP, which was originally falsely overstated, caused the shiny figures of China’s GNP per capita, which would have made people suspicious. By now, the population base has decreased, the GDP per capita will be even higher, and the CCP’s bull and bubble can only blow even bigger, so how should it end?

China’s population is decreasing, but the trend of China’s aging population has not abated. It is said that the life expectancy of Chinese people can be expected to reach 80 years in twenty years! The Chinese approach to health and longevity has certainly played a positive role, and even when gutter oil, fake rice and tainted rice are rampant, the Chinese are still living a resilient life. But the question arises, without young people contributing to the pension premiums, how do people who are old before they are rich live?

The key question, as many netizens have pointed out, is the sudden decline in population related to the deaths caused by the Chinese Communist Party virus and the Wuhan plague? Of course the Chinese Communist Party will not admit this, but if the lie is rounded up and how to cover it up, more work is needed. After all, lying and cheating is a very difficult thing to do. If you don’t plan well, and if you don’t tell the lie perfectly, you will stir up more trouble. Today’s moment, the world today, the good guys are considered too much trouble, the bad guys are even more afraid to tremble.