Hundreds of birds invaded the United States California homes like in a dream

A residential house in California was invaded by hundreds of birds recently, as if it were a horror movie. The picture shows a flock of pigeons flying above the roof, not related to this article. (Shutterstock)

A house in California was invaded by hundreds of birds. This rare event made the residents feel as if they were in a horror movie.

According to KTLA-TV, Kerri, the owner of the house, said the bird invasion began on April 21 and lasted for several days.

Kerri came home from dinner with her family that day to find a flock of birds flying into their home through the chimney and flying around the house in a flock, just like the thriller “The Birds” by British director Alfred Hitchcock.

It’s hard to explain,” Carey said. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, you’d never believe it.”

A short video shared by Carey shows a flock of birds hovering above the chimney of her home before bursting through the chimney and breaking into the house. Another clip shows the birds flapping their wings against a window inside the house.

Carey said they counted the number of birds and couldn’t count down to 800.

Although animal control officials suggested that the flock would fly out if the door was opened, that was not the case. The little birds didn’t fly out; they just flew all over the house, including every room and bathroom.

With hundreds of birds infesting the house, Carey was forced to spend the night at the hotel with her husband and children while her relative Patrick Belleville, who had rushed over to help, tried to get the birds out of the house.

But the next night, Carey was awakened by the sound of the birds flapping their wings. She then grabbed a blanket to cover her head and started screaming in terror.

In addition, the birds defecated everywhere, filling the house with bird droppings. Carey said, “You can’t walk around the room, the kitchen and the hallway without stepping in bird droppings.”

The birds are believed to be Vaux’s swift, a small species of rainbird native to the Americas. The birds will roost in flocks in chimneys and even fly into them.