Jiangxi woman killed by her husband 3 daughters signed a petition for the death penalty

The case of “Jiangxi woman lost 7 months later confirmed by her husband killed” has a new development. the morning of April 29, the victim Chen’s brother Mr. Chen told Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter, the case will be heard on May 8 in Jiangxi Jiujiang City Intermediate People’s Court, before he and his family submitted a family expectation to Jiujiang City People’s Procuratorate The application for a death sentence, the application has the signatures of the sister’s three daughters, the youngest of whom is only 10 years old.

  April 5, 2020, Jiangxi Jiujiang Xiushui County woman Chen Moumou missing, November 11, Xiushui County Public Security Bureau issued a notice that Chen Moumou husband Yang Moumou has a major suspicion of the crime. Eventually, the police found the buried body of Chen Moumou under the identification of Yang Moumou, who was subsequently placed in criminal detention.

  The video of the identification scene shows that on a small hill, Yang was controlled by the police, with handcuffed hands kept wiping tears. Mr. Chen said in a previous interview that his sister and Yang were married for nearly 20 years and had three daughters and a son, the couple had a bad relationship in recent years, his sister had proposed a divorce, but Yang had to come up with 100,000 yuan before he agreed, so it was unsuccessful. A few days after the incident, Mr. Chen’s mother learned from his granddaughter daughter missing, his home with blood and Yang mopped the floor, suspicious of the police.

  Yang Moumou under police control to identify the scene Photo / interviewee for

  March 24, 2021, Jiangxi Province, Jiujiang City People’s Procuratorate to investigate the defendant Yang Moumou criminal responsibility for intentional homicide. The indictment shows that, after examination by law, it was found that on the night of April 6, 2020, Yang Moumou and his wife Chen Moumou argued in their room at home due to emotional discord, Yang Moumou struck Chen Moumou with a blunt object on the head and face causing his death on the spot, and then used a snake skin bag to pack the body and clothes. The next morning at 5, 6 a.m., Yang Moumou will be buried in the snake skin bag in the town of Quanfeng and the junction of the township of Shita Ling roadside mound, and Chen Moumou clothes thrown in 100-200 meters from the burial site of the roadside hillside, after riding an electric car away back home. After identification, the victim Chen Moumou is consistent with the death of others with blunt force blows to the head caused by cranio-cerebral injury.

  Mr. Chen introduced, last April, he and his family could not contact his sister after asking Yang Moumou, the answer is “run away from home”, they feel wrong, “if she went to work, is impossible not to contact me”, and from his sister’s eldest daughter in high school to learn The first daughter found the bloodstains and was threatened by Yang “not to give her study”.

  In early November, the Xiushui County Criminal Investigation Brigade and the Jiujiang Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Quanfeng Police Station sent people to bring Yang back from Ningbo. Subsequently, Yang Moumou explained the killing process and the location of the hidden body.

  Mr. Chen said his sister was working in a garment factory before she was born, “more than a thousand dollars a month,” the youngest of the four children is an 8-year-old boy, after the incident, the three daughters raised by him and his family, the boy raised by Yang’s parents.

  The morning of April 29, Mr. Chen told the Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter, the day of the trial they will bring their sister’s three daughters to the scene. Not long ago, they submitted an application to the Jiujiang City Procuratorate including the three children’s signatures expecting a death sentence, and waived civil compensation, “If the court sentenced to death, the three small children I still raise.”