Cuomo mocks Whitehouse’s reboot announcement, gets backlash

The governor satirized the mayor’s reopening time prediction during a Thursday press conference. (Screenshot from State House video)

New York City Mayor Michael White announced on Thursday (April 29) that the city would be fully reopened on July 1. The remarks were mocked by Governor Cuomo on the same day; the mayor’s spokesman later hit back at the governor with a “series of sexual harassers.

At a press conference in upstate New York, Cuomo said sarcastically, “I want to reopen on Monday, I want New York City to open on Tuesday, I want to open on Wednesday, I want Buffalo to open on Thursday.”

He then said that a reopening would require “a statewide management system” and “scientific data” to support it, and said that Whitehouse’s prediction was “irresponsible. He also said of White’s repeated calls for his resignation amid the sexual harassment and nursing home scandals: “Ask the people of New York what they think of the mayor of New York, and I respect their opinion.”

In response to Cuomo’s words, mayoral spokesman Bill Neidhardt told NY1’s reporters, “I don’t care what a serial sexual harasser and assaulter and a man who covered up the thousands of deaths in nursing homes says.”

Returning to the question of when New York City will open, Cuomo said he was hoping that New York would open earlier than July 1.

“No one can reopen sooner safely than I can.” He said, “I’m not going to predict the future, but you say to me, ‘July 1,’ and I hope it’s sooner than July 1.”