First case of French Indian variant virus

The health authority of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (southwest France) announced on April 29 that a case of an Indian coronavirus variant has been detected in France in the Lot-et-Garonne department (southwest). The patient had just returned from India. Benoît Elleboode, director of the local health authority, said in an interview with the 24/7 television station BFMTV on April 29 that “this case in Lot-et-Garonne” was confirmed to be an Indian variant of the virus, and that he was a patient who had returned from India.

French Health Minister Villein said in an interview with the media on the 27th that no cases of the Indian variant had been “detected” in France.

The local health director Ellerbaud told the media: the sequencing was carried out in the laboratory in Toulouse, the patient needs to leave the French territory again and had to be tested, otherwise it is not known that he is a confirmed case.

The local health director said: After determining that he was from the Indian variant of the virus, the whole mechanism of tracing, isolation and protection for all against this virus is in place.

The Indian variant B.1.617 virus has a stronger ability to escape immunity. Even vaccinated individuals, or those who have recovered from the infection, may become infected again quickly. He is the first confirmed case of the Indian variant of the virus found on French soil.