Invisible attack near White House, officials show signs of illness similar to sonic attack

The U.S. media revealed Thursday (29) that federal authorities are investigating two “invisible attacks” that occurred in the United States, with the subjects showing signs similar to those of sonic attacks on U.S. officials abroad, one of which occurred near the White House, causing particular concern.

The source said one of the attacks occurred last year on the Oval Lawn south of the White House, causing discomfort to a National Security Council official. The other occurred in 2019, when a White House official encountered a similar attack while stirring his dog in a Virginian suburb. The two had similar symptoms to those of CIA and State Department officials abroad who suffered sonic attacks, and the Defense Department and other federal departments are investigating the incident and reported to the Armed Services Committees of both houses of Congress earlier this month.

U.S. personnel in Cuba experienced unexplained symptoms such as ringing in the ears, dizziness, headaches and ear-splitting noises in 2016, and U.S. officials in Russia and China have reported similar discomfort and suspected “invisible attacks. Investigators are not sure if the above incidents on U.S. soil are related to those overseas, nor are they sure who is behind them, but the military suspects that Russia or China are involved, for which there is no concrete evidence.