Chinese university geology director went to the bathroom on a business trip and made an unexpected discovery Netizens: too luxurious?

Fossil remains all over the washbasin.

The head of a university geology department in Guizhou recently on a business trip, in Guiyang airport washroom sink and decorative plate, accidentally found fossil remains, so photographed to share in the WeChat circle of friends.

The land media reported on Wednesday (28), confirmed by stratigraphic paleontology experts, confirmed that it was a washbasin made of carbonate stone, using a minimum of 300 million years old owl head shell fossils.

Chen Shangbin, director of the geology department of China University of Mining and Geology, found fossils of brachiopods on the washstand. According to the vice president of Jiangsu Geological Survey Research Institute certified by Weibo, the fossil remains “have a large, nearly round, biconvex shell with a slightly higher convexity of the ventral flap. The hinge line is short and curved, with a triangular double plate, and the ovate fleshy stem pore is located in the upper part of the triangular plate. The shell surface is smooth. Ventral valve with tall middle plate. Dorsal midplate short. Carapace ring broad and long”.

After expert Dr. Qian Maiping’s identification, it was confirmed to be a local owl head shell fossil layer, which is not rare due to its large number. Another expert pointed out that the fossil is 439 million years ago Silurian early mimic room shell shell shell genus, produced in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan side. Some netizens exclaimed “is the fossil’s talent (talent to play), or the bathroom is too luxurious?” Some people also pointed out that the original fossils are so close to our lives.