Czech Senate passes resolution supporting Taiwan’s participation in WHA

According to the Central News Agency (CNA) on Thursday, the Czech Senate held a full house meeting on 28th and voted by a high margin of 58-0 to support Taiwan’s participation in all meetings, mechanisms and activities of the World Health Assembly (WHA). The Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic expressed its strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this.

According to the report, the resolution affirms the epidemic prevention achievements of the “Joint Declaration on Taiwan-Czech Cooperation in Epidemic Prevention” and urges the Czech government to speak out clearly in support of Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization internationally. Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil, who led a delegation to Taiwan, shared the news of the vote on Twitter.

The Czech Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Security and the Committee on Health and Social Policy passed separate resolutions last May recommending that the Secretary General of the World Health Organization (WHO) invite Taiwan to participate in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and calling on the Czech government to support Taiwan’s participation in the WHO, escalating its support to a House meeting this year.

The Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic subsequently issued a statement saying that the resolution interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously violated the Czech political commitment to “one China” and that China firmly opposed it.