The group fee of 18 yuan also includes meals … the most horrible tour with a large mother and father to visit the cemetery

The grandparents were taken on a tour of the cemetery. (Screenshot of video)

A dozen elderly people in Muer Town, Yubei District, Chongqing, were introduced to a day tour group. The tour fee was only 18 yuan (RMB, same below, about 2.7 USD) per person, and a lunch was provided, which was really very cheap. The seniors went out happily, but they didn’t expect to be taken to the cemetery, and they were so angry that they cursed on the spot.

Look at the news report, more than 60 years old Zheng moncler in the local people are very good, travel companies to the main to find him, hope that he organized a day trip. The company said, “I said a day trip can be, I asked how much a person, he said 18 yuan, I said 18 yuan day trip to go which places? He said it was to take the scenic area anyway. moncler outlet online, I think this is a good thing, so I found 16 elderly people to participate.

The man who is the owner of the house is the only one who can afford to pay 18 yuan. (Video screenshot)

The day of the event, moncler outlet online, the ladies changed into beautiful clothes and took a tour bus to go out happily. I didn’t expect to be taken to a place called Longfeng Mountain Mausoleum, near Shengdeng Mountain in Banan District. A Liu grandpa said, “Shouting at us to see the grave, the elderly are generally a bit taboo.”

Due to the fierce opposition, the tour company refunded the group fee of 18 yuan per person on the spot, and sent the elderly back after a free lunch. However, moncler outlet online the anger in their hearts, the lead moncler outlet online became the target of the crowd, which makes moncler outlet online Zheng feel very aggrieved, he said his own good intentions, but fell into such a situation.

Afterwards, moncler outlet online contact the relevant person in charge of the tourism company many times, did not expect the WeChat was pulled black.

The moncler outlet store said that perhaps the staff did not work carefully enough, or perhaps there was a mistake in communication with moncler outlet store, which led to the unpleasant things that happened.

The moncler outlet store online store is a great place to visit. (Screenshot of the video)