New card mecca? Guiyang airport hand washing station 440 million years old fossil made

Guizhou Guiyang Longdongbao airport toilet sink with many shellfish patterns, identified by experts as belonging to 440 million years ago Shiqian mimic shell house shells, triggered a network of hot debate. Many netizens were shocked, thought it was a pattern on the stone slab, did not expect it to be traces of paleontology? Some geologists teased that the airport toilets in Guiyang have the potential to become a Netflix hit mecca.

Comprehensive media reports, the director of the Department of Geology of China University of Mining and Technology, Chen Shangbin, on a business trip, found this sink covered with fossil remains in Guiyang airport toilets, and casually photographed and sent to his circle of friends, causing concern.

Details of the fossil. (Screenshot of the video)

Shen Shuzhong, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor at the School of Geosciences of Nanjing University, said this fossil is about 440 million years old, the five-roomed shellfish order Shiqian mimic shellfish, which is a more common fossil of brachiopod shells. Common in the northeast of Qianjiang Shiqian Meitan Zunyi and other places, is the shallow water storm deposition products of the ocean.

“Several hundred million years fossil” let the netizens feel rare, but Shen Shuzhong introduced, this fossil is very common, the National Grand Theatre floor with this fossil stone.

Previously, some experts identified it as about 390 million years ago owl head shell fossil. Shen Shuzhong said, hotels, bathroom stone containing fossils is very common, owl head shell fossils are often seen, belonging to the order of perforated shellfish, while the proposed shell house shellfish belong to the five house shellfish order, are two different orders, the era is not the same.

He said, “because Guizhou’s mimic shell house shells are scattered and broken, so cut into construction plates for sale, while the owl head shells in Guangxi to preserve the integrity of the ornamental fossils for sale, the value is much more expensive than the mimic shell shells.

Guiyang Longdongbao Airport responded to the matter that the decorative stone plate is indeed fossil remains, is purchased.

See the fossils appear in the toilet, some netizens sigh, “toilet marble is so luxurious”, there are also netizens curious, “did you find a priceless treasure”.

Guiyang airport toilet sink. (Taken from Weibo)