EU: China and Russia spread misleading messages about Western vaccines Hundreds of people: the only way to get around the “green code” is to give in

The European Union released a report Wednesday (28) accusing the Chinese Communist Party and Russia of using state-run media and diplomats’ social media accounts to smear the effectiveness of vaccines developed in Western countries with false information since the beginning of 2021, while reinforcing the benefits of the two countries’ domestic vaccines. The report says that the CCP has replaced “mask diplomacy” with “vaccine diplomacy. A number of Chinese citizens contacted by this reporter confirmed to the station that cases of side effects from domestic vaccinations are unheard of in China. However, some vaccination volunteers admitted that many people have experienced abnormalities after receiving domestic vaccines, and the information is considered confidential. Some people also said that for the convenience of daily travel and for the “green code”, they could only give in. (Reported by Malik/He Jingwen/Kevin Hu)

The report, from the European Union’s foreign ministry, said China and Russia had used misleading statements to question the safety of Western vaccines, thereby promoting the effectiveness of Russian and Chinese vaccines and undermining outside trust in vaccines developed by Western countries.

The report says state-sponsored disinformation by Russia and China is intensifying from early 2021 to April of this year. The tactics include the use of diplomats’ social media accounts to combine disinformation and state manipulation to undermine trust in Western vaccines. The report mentions that the very rare side effects of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been exaggerated and fabricated. The report also states that the Chinese Communist Party continues to promote its domestically produced vaccines as a global public good, emphasizing the accessibility and stable supply of Chinese vaccines that are more suitable for developing countries.

Both the Kremlin and Beijing deny the EU’s allegations.

As we reported earlier, the safety of the mainland-made Chinese communist virus vaccine is “fantastic”, with more than 200 million doses administered nationwide and no official reports of any accidental deaths.

A community vaccination volunteer in China told the station that many community residents who received the domestic vaccine found a serious decline in physical fitness one month after completing the injection, with some men reporting a loss of sexual function and some residents noticing the onset of chronic illnesses. The volunteer, Mr. Mu, said that the volunteers were asked to explain to the residents that the above symptoms were normal physical reactions to vaccination. But in fact, each abnormal case has to be reported back to superiors, but then absolutely not to the public.

Mr. Mu admitted that in fact, the real effectiveness and safety of domestic vaccines are difficult to guarantee. He cited the example of athletes in the national team who asked not to be vaccinated, and he also heard that senior leaders in the Jinan military district do not get vaccinated either. However, the authorities are pushing the vaccination program on the people, not ruling out the possibility that the vaccine diplomacy is being promoted at the cost of civilian lives.

Mr. Mu: The Chinese Communist government is lifting a stone to smash its own feet, because it has gone too far to obscure the real (infection) figures, and as a result, everyone feels that they are fine, you want me to get vaccinated, you are sick, right? As a result, everyone is not very motivated to get vaccinated. This kind of Chinese Communist Party has been covering up (the Chinese Communist virus) to later take the initiative to persuade people to take (the vaccine), which makes people feel that they are either treacherous or thieves, and everyone’s confidence in the government starts to carry on doubts again. If you don’t have so many deaths and injuries, why do you let me get vaccinated? Many people feel that the Chinese Communist government is doing this to engage in vaccine diplomacy, to engage in vaccine diplomacy, to show you how many people have been successfully vaccinated in our country, so you can buy our vaccines, how effective our vaccines are. This is the way to engage in vaccine diplomacy, political diplomacy, and money diplomacy. This side takes the life of the Chinese people not life.

Mr. Mu introduced the health code system in China, and in the future, if the health code does not have vaccination records, the green code may be reduced to a red code, and people will then be very inconvenienced to travel, and will be refused to take public transportation, and restaurants, sales and other services will be restricted.

Mr. Liu, a Beijing resident, told the station that he did not want to get vaccinated either, but had to give in for the convenience of daily travel and for the sake of the “green code”.

Mr. Liu said: the issue of vaccines, I have not been shot, I think this or rely on their own immunity. Now we travel not all rely on health codes, for example, you travel, have not played, played will be displayed in your health code, it is smoother. Maybe not, there may be trouble. I returned home for fear of inconvenience, that I returned home once especially inconvenient, after returning to the nucleic acid proof, etc.. Beijing to play it, the legend is to open the Winter Olympic Games, fear of problems, all to play all.

In Hong Kong, the HA data show that as of Thursday (29), the dose of inoculation Kexin is 598,700, 490,400 for Fubitai. abnormal events reported Kexin has 0.21%, Fubitai is 0.12%, the proportion of abnormal events Kexin, about double that of Fubitai. As for the death cases, there were 26 cumulative deaths, of which 21 people played Kexing and 5 people played Fubitai. The cause of death is yet to be finally determined.

Information shows that the former president of Peru (Martin Vizcarra) had been exposed last October had stealthily inoculated with the vaccine developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group, but he and his wife were both diagnosed and had symptoms.