Female high school student missing 25 years, he opened Podcast actually help police solve the case to catch the killer

Christine, a college girl at Caltech, was lost after attending a party, leaving her family devastated. (Taken from Your Own Backyard Facebook)

California recording artist and singer-songwriter Chris (Chris Lambert) met a mother in 2019, and after learning that her daughter had been missing for 25 years, he decided to put aside his work and start a Podcast internet radio show, “Your Own Backyard”. After 2 years of investigation, Chris successfully found key evidence to help the police solve the case and arrest the suspect.

In 1996, Kristin Smart, a 19-year-old Caltech college student, was lost after attending a party, leaving her family devastated. Kristin’s mother, Denise Smart, was celebrating her missing daughter’s birthday at the California resort of Shell Beach in 2019 when she ran into Chris and told him Kristin’s story.

After listening to Christine’s story, Chris remembered that he had read Christine’s missing persons notice on a telephone pole when he was a child and was therefore impressed by the disappearance. Later, Chris continued to keep in touch with Denise and put aside his work to focus on tracking down Christine’s disappearance and collecting all the information on Christine, saying “she could be buried in anyone’s backyard and we need to find her and bring her home.”

After meeting Christine’s mother Denise, Chris decided to help her find her daughter, who had been missing for 25 years. (Reprinted from Your Own Backyard Facebook page)

Chris also decided to start a Podcast Internet radio show “Your Own Backyard”, interviewing a number of police officers and investigators who helped investigate the case, and the radio show’s suspenseful style gradually received the attention of netizens, and a number of listeners have provided clues to the sightings back then, rekindling The hope of solving the case was renewed.

After combining all the clues, Chris locked the suspect as Christine’s college classmate Paul (Paul Flores). According to eyewitness accounts, Christine collapsed drunk on the turf after attending a party, and it was Paul who stayed next to him. In addition, Paul was frivolous and often harassed his classmates, so everyone would avoid spending time alone with him. Two weeks after Christine’s disappearance, Paul moved out of the dormitory and was even seen driving away from home in a hurry with his father, Ruben.

After further investigation, the police found that Paul attempted to sexually assault Christine in the dormitory and killed her because of the attempted sexual assault, and asked his father Ruben to assist in hiding the body.

Paul attempted to sexually assault Christine in the dormitory and killed her when he failed to do so. (Reproduced from Your Own Backyard Facebook page)

The body of Christine has not yet been found, but Sheriff Ian (Ian Parkinson) said he found it incredible that an unsolved case could be solved after 25 years, saying, “I’m very grateful to Chris and everyone for their help, this process is very meaningful to me.” Chris revealed that he will continue to run “Your Backyard”, “until he brings Christine home”, he will close the Internet radio show, back to the music industry to continue to create.