Vaccination completed Couple travels to Hawaii with family Son dies of infection

The Hawaii State Department of Health pointed out that the couple who had both completed their vaccinations (fully vaccinated) and received negative results for the new coronavirus (CCA virus) before the trip, took their family on a trip to Hawaii after careful planning, but their son began to show symptoms upon arrival and later died in a local hospital in Hawaii State because of the new coronavirus infection. Health authorities said the boy, who had latent disease, was less than 11 years old.

The boy became the first child to die of the disease in Hawaii. To date, there have been 479 deaths from the disease in Hawaii. The state of Hawaii will be open for tourism again starting in October 2020.

The Hawaii State Department of Health did not release the boy’s name or the state from which he came in a press release. During the outbreak, the state of Hawaii requires all out-of-state visitors over the age of 5 to quarantine themselves for 10 days upon arrival, or if they do not want to be quarantined, they must show proof of a negative virus test within 72 hours prior to their flight.

Hawaii State Department of Health spokesman Barr (Brooks Baehr) pointed out that the boy how to contract the new coronavirus, is still under investigation.

Barr said, “The boy started showing symptoms of infection a few hours after he arrived in Hawaii, so it’s unlikely that he was infected here.”

Barr said, “This is an unusual and unfortunate incident,”

The Hawaii State Department of Health noted that the boy was not tested for the virus prior to his departure, as his parents were.