The price of oxygen in India soared 10 times to live in India Chinese: patients must bring their own or suffocate alive

India’s new crown (CCP virus) epidemic broke out in a big way, adding more than 300,000 confirmed cases in a single day for many days. There are Chinese living in India to accept the “Global People” interview revealed that the local death of young people increased greatly, due to the lack of oxygen in hospitals, hospitalized patients are asked to bring their own oxygen, “no oxygen people can only live suffocated.

According to Hong Kong 01, Indian MP and general secretary of the Communist Party of India Yechury (Sitaram Yechury) said in a tweet (Twitter) on the 22nd that his eldest son died of the new crown pneumonia.

The Delhi-based media personality Hu Bofeng said he was dismayed and sorry to learn that Yechury’s eldest son had died. He said that in fact, Yechury can be understood as a “lord” of India, but such a powerful man still could not get medical resources for his family.

Huber pointed out that when the epidemic broke out last year, the deaths were more likely to be in slums, mainly among the elderly and those with underlying illnesses. The current outbreak, however, has hit even the middle and upper classes of society, with a significant increase in the number of young people dying. He recalled that there was no crematorium near his neighborhood, but one day a neighbor suddenly asked, “Do you smell ‘burnt meat’ in the air?” The specter of death has loomed over everyone’s mind.

It is reported that the hardest hit areas of the epidemic are in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities. Due to the number of seriously ill patients, local hospitals are running out of oxygen, and patients’ families have to look around for oxygen.

Currently, there is a black market for oxygen in India, and the price of oxygen has soared nearly 10 times. Previously, a bottle of 50 liters of oxygen sold for $ 80, and now it costs $ 660 to $ 1330.

A bottle of oxygen prices the average person half a year’s salary

According to World Bank data, in 2019, India’s gross national income per capita is $2,120. With this calculation, the price of a bottle of oxygen is almost equivalent to an average person’s salary for six months.

WeChat blogger “Suishui”, who lives in India, returned to India with his wife to visit relatives last year, but has been stranded in India because of the recurring epidemic and his wife’s pregnancy. Fortunately, Suishui’s baby was born successfully, and when he took the baby to the hospital for the newborn vaccination, he also received the new crown vaccine at the same time, “I am probably the first Chinese person in India to receive the vaccine.

Currently, Suisui lives with his wife in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where the epidemic is not as serious as in several of the worst-hit areas. He said that for Indians, unemployment and disruption of economic income are very real problems, and the pressure is much greater than the possible infection of the virus; if the government runs a strict blockade, it will cause public discontent, so people outside the hardest-hit areas continue to live as usual.