Shandong Penglai Chinese hospital illegal practice of medicine caused the death of local authorities to shield each other to push the blame

Jiang Haixia defends her mother’s rights for nearly three years in front of the Health and Health Bureau in Penglai, Shandong Province.

A medical accident that happened three years ago in Penglai City, Shandong Province, has not led to any punishment for the Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is suspected of illegally practicing medicine. The local departments concerned are covering up for each other in an attempt to cover up the accident scandal.

“These three years were really not a human life. So when I often encountered people who questioned, abused and maliciously speculated about my family during the process of defending my rights, I told them, but where the law can solve the problem as soon as possible, who wants to be a defender of rights?” Jiang Haixia choked up. Three years ago, a medical accident caused by the illegal practice of medicine in Penglai City, Shandong Province, Jiang Haixia’s mother became a vegetable, until the moment of death. For more than three years, the local medical system and the administration have been in collusion, and Jiang Haixia has no way to defend her rights.

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Medical incidents are frequent hospital suspected of aggravating patients

On Dec. 22, 2017, Jiang Haixia’s mother, Ma Guizhen, underwent surgery at Penglai City People’s Hospital in Shandong Province for a brain hemorrhage. After her condition stabilized, Ma Guizhen was transferred to the Department of Surgery II of Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for rehabilitation treatment on December 24, and on January 6, 2018, Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine initiated hyperbaric oxygen therapy for Ms. Ma. The accident happened at this time.

Jiang Haixia said that on January 11, 2018, when Ma Guizhen started the packaged cabin treatment, the hyperbaric oxygen department only had nurses Xing Zhaowei and Deng Shuhong and a trainee accompanying cabin nurse Jing Fangzheng, and no other doctors were present. When the data monitor in the hyperbaric chamber showed abnormal emergency oxygen levels, Jiang’s sister called for help more than three times. But because Xing Zhaowei and Deng Shuhong outside the cabin turned the volume of the call system to the lowest, the hospital did not hear the cry for help inside the cabin in time. “This delayed my mother’s resuscitation, resulting in her lack of oxygen for up to 10 minutes,” Jiang Haixia said.

Nurse license

According to medical advice, Jiang Haixia’s mother, Ma Guizhen, needed 24-hour uninterrupted oxygen, and during the 20 minutes of hyperbaric oxygen treatment, she needed a pressurized supply of emergency oxygen. The ten-minute-long accident caused irreversible damage to Ma Guizhen’s bodily functions. After the brain hypoxia, Penglai Chinese Hospital did not recognize the accident and did not take targeted treatment, Ma Guizhen was delayed the best treatment time and became a vegetable.

This accident is suspected of nurses Xing Zhaowei and Deng Shuhong impersonating a doctor’s qualification for the illegal practice of medicine, but after the accident, Jiang Haixia and her family did not find out and still believed that the hospital could remedy the situation in time. “What I initially proposed to the hospital is that it does not matter if my mother has a problem, you actively give my mother treatment, I do not pursue responsibility. However, the hospital did not give my mother treatment and obstructed our proposed effective treatment plan in order to shirk its responsibility.”

After the incident, Jing Fangzheng, the nurse who accompanied the cabin, admitted that the accident occurred and apologized to the family. Ma Guizhen’s attending physician, Dr. Wang (a pseudonym) of the Second Department of Surgery, confirmed in his case that Ma Guizhen’s anoxic encephalopathy was caused by the accident. But the case was invalidated by Penglai City Hospital after Dr. Wang resigned, and the medical record never appeared again until Ma Guizhen’s death.

Disappeared case

Dr. Wang told the station that the hyperbaric department did not admit that Ma Guizhen’s sequelae were caused by the accident. During the incident, he was repeatedly pressured and threatened by the hospital’s higher-ups: “First from my direct superior, Sun Jie, the department director at the time, approached me and said, ‘Take the time to solve this problem,’ otherwise it would be very difficult for me to work in Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. What he meant by solve was to let me hide this matter, but I did not do so, so in the course of my work later he gave me small shoes and made trips. The president and vice president of the hospital talked to me at the time, saying ‘don’t let this affect your future, or keep the big picture in mind.'” Unable to cope with the heavy pressure, Dr. Wang chose to leave the country.

My mother, Ma Guizhen. on January 11, 2018 by the Shandong Penglai Chinese Hospital no doctor at work appointed nurses to implement and complete the full hyperbaric oxygen treatment, did not supply emergency oxygen, causing my mother lack of oxygen for up to ten minutes, and became a vegetable.
For three years, the hospital did not give any active treatment, concealing the patient’s condition, the son treated the patient, causing my mother’s organ failure, vomiting blood resuscitation ineffective death.
The crime was repeatedly covered up for more than three years!

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    Due to the unstable condition of Ma Guizhen, who could not be transferred to another hospital, Jiang Haixia could only hope for the Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Jiang Haixia said, “They caused another hour of oxygen deprivation for my mother, which I discovered. Because my mother herself had already been diagnosed with respiratory failure, this time the hypoxia caused my mother’s heart and lung function to go off a cliff, from a relatively stable state to being on a ventilator on August 9.”

On the evening of September 14, 2020, Ma Guizhen passed away due to ineffective resuscitation. Dr. Wang, then an attending physician, found a suspicion after studying the case and the resuscitation process that night: “I found that after the abnormal condition of the patient on the day of death, the entire handling process of the Chinese hospital, I made a timeline myself, and I found that they were derelict in their duty to cause the death of the patient. Because according to the normal resuscitation procedures, Jiang’s mother did not die.”

“One person at Penglai Chinese Hospital once told me that the hospital was not afraid of death, only of not dying,” Jiang Haixia said. “Because not dead involved to treat, to care, to take up their medical resources and personnel, and the longer the patient survives, the greater the impact and consumption caused to them.”

Nurse suspected of illegal practice of medicine is true that the local department covered up

In February 2018, Jiang Haixia launched a legal complaint and rights defense. She repeatedly went to the Shandong Provincial Health Bureau and Penglai City Health Bureau to submit materials to reflect the situation, but the relevant departments passed the buck to each other and no one handled it. In August of that year, Jiang Haixia also reported the lazy administration of the Health Bureau to the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shandong Province, but the Commission said that a local solution was needed in Penglai City. in September, officials from the Discipline Inspection Commission of Penglai City determined that there was no inaction on the part of the Health Bureau.

In April 2019, Jiang Haixia learned that on the day her mother had her first medical incident, Xing Zhaowei and Deng Shuhong, who were on duty, were only nurses and not qualified as physicians, and the attendance sheet showed that no doctor was on duty that day. Jiang Haixia believes that the responsibility for her mother’s accident lies with the hospital.

According to the inquiry, Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was promoted to a tertiary Chinese medicine hospital in January 2017, and the hyperbaric oxygen department was established in 2010 as a special department with 32 bins, but only four employees were equipped, including one attending physician and three nurse practitioners in charge. The hyperbaric oxygen bin treatment manual clearly stipulates that the hyperbaric oxygen bin, as a high-risk treatment instrument, must have a qualified physician present and in charge during the treatment process.

In April 2019, Jiang Haixia and her family negotiated with Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for compensation and were met with shirking of responsibility by the hospital, and the two sides disagreed. On July 19, Penglai City Health Supervision Office officially opened a case. According to the records of the case, the hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Penglai City Hospital was operated by nurses, who were also responsible for the treatment records and signatures, and the fact that there were doctors away from work. The hospital admitted that during the accident, the three nurses present did not follow the medical advice to adjust the instrument data without authorization.

In June, Jiang Haixia sued the Chinese hospital for tort compensation, but the court used various reasons to delay the trial, including charging high identification fees and asking Jiang Haixia for a mother-daughter certificate: “That is, a 1500 to 2200 identification fee they doubled, let my family pay 5000 yuan. My family’s criminal reports, civil lawsuits and administrative proceedings in Penglai were all rejected by them for various unreasonable reasons.”

Jiang Haixia said that since defending her rights, she has faced multiple threats: “Qin Huanyu, the deputy director of the Penglai Health Bureau, people familiar with the Chinese hospital, local community members and within the medical system, have all told me in the face of ‘goodwill’ that ‘you have to be careful, they If they don’t do anything themselves, they will find a group of people to do something to you, and you will not be able to get away with it. They also confronted me and said, ‘What are you suing for, you’re tired of living. They also condoned the nurses and their families to gather some people from the society to provoke trouble in front of my mother’s ward, and they condoned the nurses to extort my family.”

Article 336 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that anyone who engages in medical activities without obtaining a doctor’s license and under serious circumstances is qualified for the crime of illegal practice of medicine. Those who seriously damage the health of people who visit them will face a fixed-term prison sentence of more than three years and less than ten years, and a fine. The Penglai Health Bureau finally determined that the first medical incident in which the nurse of the hyperbaric oxygen department modified the oxygen value without authorization was in compliance with the long-term medical advice of the second department of surgery, and was not involved in the illegal practice of medicine, and no administrative penalty was imposed.

The reporter called Jiang Hongmei, head of the supervision section of the Penglai City Health Planning Supervision Office, who said “we do not accept interviews”. The director of Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Longchao, refused to be interviewed on the grounds of a meeting. The director of the Health Bureau, Zhang Hongsong, hung up the phone directly.

Dr. Wang also said that during his years of service at Penglai City Hospital, he did not know that Xing Zhaowei and Deng Shuhong, who had served as director of the hyperbaric oxygen department for many years, were not qualified as doctors, and that people in the hospital called them “director” and “doctor”. According to our reporter’s inquiry, Xing Zhaowei and Deng Shuhong are indeed only qualified to practice as nurses.

Jiang Haixia’s lawyer Mr. Zhang told us, “Jiang Haixia administrative lawsuit filed at least twice, the criminal report has been raised. The administrative lawsuit was provided by the Health and Wellness Bureau with a reply, and the court also made a decision, but the court did not conduct a substantive hearing, but only made a decision on procedural issues. I combed inside the criminal complaint instrument, should be pursued those two nurses, one of them is doing hyperbaric chamber director, I think they both constitute a crime, suspected of illegal practice of medicine”. Previously, the three lawyers hired by Jiang Haixia all withdrew from the lawsuit due to pressure.

The Chinese consulate in the United Kingdom to defend the rights of progress

Jiang Haixia’s British husband submitted a letter of protest to the Chinese Consulate in the UK, which drew a little attention from the local government. “I filed a lawsuit, reported a case, defended my rights and petition according to the law, and they just kicked us around like a ball. And a letter of protest from my husband, I received a reply from them in May. I have been defending my rights for so long, the first time to reply to me,” said Jiang Haixia.

Official response

Penglai City then set up a working group to investigate, which included officials from the Political and Legal Committee, the vice mayor of Penglai, the director of the Health Bureau, the director of the Bureau of Letters and Visits, the chief of the police station and other heads of various related departments.

“The first conversation with me started on June 6. I talked to them face to face with all my problems and evidence, and after the talk Sui Yuna, the deputy mayor in charge of the health system, asked me ‘do we need to apologize to your mother collectively,’ I thought it was funny, this is our Chinese officials,” Jiang Haixia said. “My husband said to me, ‘This country is not safe, let’s go.’ To be sincere if I wanted to leave the country, I would have left 22 years ago. Who doesn’t love their country? But I can’t even defend my mother’s rights, so what ability does someone like me have to oppose the country?”

After the working group’s study, it was finally determined that the full responsibility for the accident lies with Penglai City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, Jiang Haixia and her family could receive about 610,000 yuan in compensation, far less than the reasonable compensation of 1.9 million yuan calculated according to the legal code and by the working group’s legal advisors and based on the actual injury, and ignoring Jiang Haixia’s request for criminal recourse and administrative punishment.

“I also believe in Chinese law, and our Chinese legal provisions are perfect,” Jiang Haixia said. “But one thing that sets us apart from Europe and the United States is that we don’t have people who enforce the law, and the people who enforce the law themselves know the law and break it.”

Jiang Haixia said she will continue to pursue criminal charges and accountability to seek justice for her mother.

And a fact that cannot be ignored is that in China, doctor-patient disputes are heard from time to time and doctor-patient relations continue to deteriorate.