The Hong Kong Police Force pushed a new cell phone program to intercept and check the public Democratic Party worried about the police conduct issues or privacy leaks

The Hong Kong Police Force will pilot the mobile application “Beats App” from next Wednesday (May 5) to help patrol officers quickly access citizens’ identification documents. The Democratic Party’s deputy spokesman for information technology policy, Sin Chew Lan, is concerned that the mobile application, which claims to be installed on official cell phones, risks leaking citizens’ privacy and urged the authorities to clarify the guidelines for its operation as soon as possible.

The fourth generation of command and control communication system special duty team chief inspector Yau Kai-yan said on Thursday (29), “the line of beans easy” will be in the next Wednesday first in the general district part of the assault team and part of the police district traffic department trial.

The application can only be installed on smartphones distributed by the police to frontline officers for official use,” said Qiu Cain. In fact, it provides an additional way for front-line colleagues to check electronically some of the people, vehicles or boats that are stopped and searched, but the entire process of stop-and-search is not changed as a result.

Since the anti-amendment campaign, many new communication measures introduced by the authorities, including the real-name space card system, have aroused public concern about “data delivery to China”, and the recent “travel safe” anti-epidemic software implemented by the Hong Kong government has also failed to gain public trust.

The Democratic Party’s deputy spokesman for information technology policy, Sin Cheuk Lan, has doubts about the new program “Behavior Easy”, pointing out that police officers can still keep their official cell phones after off-duty, if police officers use their official cell phones to browse the web or deal with personal matters, if the security system fails to deal with malicious programs, or even the phone is stolen for a short period of time without the police officers noticing, there is a chance for lawbreakers to steal the data. If the security system fails to deal with the malicious program, or even if the phone is stolen for a short period of time without the police officer’s knowledge, there is a chance for the unscrupulous person to steal the phone’s camera privileges and transmit the information directly to the third party.

Sin Zhuo Lan: cell phones have a lot of settings, or security systems, we do not know, surprisingly, there are no lawless elements may be through the Trojan horse program and good, or other programs can be used to phone footage, or other things permission time, even the information, such as identity cards, may have the opportunity to be leaked, so these are the police, the Security Bureau to give a public account of how their security is doing. This is the first hidden worry, and the conduct of police officers, we citizens themselves may want to evaluate, the past one or two years, the police officers in the interception of people’s identity cards when the conduct, in fact, repeatedly have a lot, I think not too good situation.

Sin Zhuo Lan also questioned whether the public has the right to request verification of the phone is an official cell phone, if the police officer refused the public’s request to check, or to hand or stickers, etc. to cover the back of the phone, even if engraved with a police badge is not very meaningful. He urged the police to respond to the public’s concerns before the official launch of the program, otherwise the old way of stopping the investigation.

The police said at a press conference on Thursday that the “Be Be Easy” application scans people’s identification documents through optical character recognition technology and takes only 15 seconds to read the other party’s information, such as whether they are wanted or missing persons. The police said the police officer’s official cell phone has a police badge engraved on the back for identification, the phone also has multiple security measures, including a password, can not use the screenshot function, before using the program must be logged into the police intranet, the police also said the program will not store any personal information.