Alert: Mutated Indian strain enters some Chinese cities

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese CDC, said Thursday that an Indian variant of the strain has been detected in some Chinese cities, according to Chinese media reports. He stressed that although the overall situation of the epidemic in China is now good, with no locally transmitted outbreaks, the international situation is very serious, with more pressure for external prevention and importation, and the public should not take it lightly.

According to a Free Asia report today, the mutated Indian strain has entered some Chinese cities. The report quoted Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese CDC, as also saying that virus mutations happen all the time and that no matter how it mutates, it can be stopped from spreading. As long as the spread and prevalence of this strain can be stopped, as long as the prevalence of mutated strains can be stopped, and new mutated strains can be prevented from occurring.

In addition, as to whether China will adjust the normalized epidemic prevention and control strategy due to the Indian epidemic, Wu Zunyou said that the normalized prevention and control strategy is the basic prevention and control strategy that China has determined since the epidemic of the new crown (CCP virus), and is also the key to maintaining a good epidemic situation in China, so the “May Day” period and the “May Day Therefore, we will continue to adhere to the measures of normalized prevention and control after “May Day” and “May Day”.