The largest gold coin minted in 1135 years The Royal Mint made public the £10,000 gold coin

The Royal Mint on the 29th public establishment of 1135 years since the minted the most huge gold coin, this “masterpiece” diameter of 20 centimeters, weighing 10 kg, denomination of 10,000 pounds. It is said that only one was minted, and it has been sold to a mysterious buyer with a six-figure total price.

The BBC, SKY News and The Sun reported that the Royal Mint deployed a master team to combine traditional techniques with innovative technology to mint the £10,000 gold coin, such as using an engraving machine to carve out the intricate patterns and commissioning skilled masters to handcraft the coin to remove all the cut marks, which took a total of 400 hours and four full days to polish.

Video source: YouTube

In 2017, the Royal Mint started to issue the Queen’s Beasts commemorative coin collection, inspired by the ten heraldic statues of the guardian beasts displayed at the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey in 1953. The eagle, Welsh red dragon, Scottish unicorn, Clarence black bull, goldfinch falcon, Beaufort ram’s horn, Mortimer white lion, Richmond white hound and Hanover white horse, all representing the Queen’s family tree and the Royal supporters of England (Royal supporters of England).

The report pointed out that the latest public 10,000 pounds gold coin is the final collection of the Queen’s guardian beast series of commemorative coins, one side engraved with the Queen’s portrait, representing the “God’s grace faith defender” Latin abbreviation “D.G.REG.F.D”. The other side is engraved with the ten guardian animals.

A department head at the Royal Mint, Clare Maclennan, said that the Queen’s Guardian Beasts series of commemorative coins have become increasingly popular since they were first issued, and are a firm favorite of coin collectors around the world, and that the £10,000 gold coin sets a new standard for minting, “combining centuries-old techniques with innovative technology to create a unique and beautiful artwork”.

The Royal Mint on the 29th publicized the largest gold coin ever minted in its 1,135 years of existence. This is the ultimate masterpiece of the Queen’s Guardian Beast series of commemorative coins, engraved with ten Guardian Beast crests representing the Queen’s family tree and England’s royal supporters. Photo: YouTube/The Royal Mint