Trump: 100% consideration for candidacy Florida governor or running mate

Trump speaking at the White House in 2020.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump (Trump) told Fox Business News host Maria Bartiromo on Thursday (April 29) that he is 100 percent considering a presidential run in 2024 and could name Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as a potential running mate.

I endorse DeSantis,” Trump said. After I endorsed him, he took off like a rocket. He’s done a great job as governor …… So of course Ron will be considered. He’s a terrific guy.”

Media analysis shows that DeSantis has been considered the potential Republican frontrunner in 2024 if Trump does not run. The Florida governor has been praised by numerous Republicans for making Florida one of the most open states by lifting all restrictions in his state related to the Chinese Communist virus (New Coronavirus) in September.

Trump told Bartiromo in the interview, “I ran twice and the second time I got 12 million more votes than the first time.”

He also talked about the “big impact on fundraising and a lot of other things” if he announced whether he was running too soon. He added, “It’s a little bit of a crazy, complicated thing, and the whole fundraising contribution thing is ridiculous; frankly, these laws are so old and stupid.”

Trump (Wednesday) also touched on the candidacy in an interview with radio and TV host Dan Bongino on April 28. He said he will formally announce his decision to run for a third term as president shortly after the 2022 midterm session.

Trump encouraged Republicans to “have courage” and to “keep fighting” against the Democratic agenda. He said, “It’s going to happen, and we’re going to turn it around. They’ve gone too far. They can’t get away with this anymore. We can’t allow them to get away with this. They are destroying our country. Have the courage. This is going to happen. I’m with you.”

In the interview, Trump also blamed Biden’s congressional speech on Wednesday night, April 28, saying Biden didn’t mention the border crisis “and now all of them are coming, including many of the criminals and the terrorists in the Middle East.” He said: “Biden does not care, it will destroy the United States, and the border wall must be repaired as soon as possible. ‘Stay in Mexico’ is a good policy and Biden doesn’t use it.”

Trump also mentioned that Biden’s energy policy is self-destructive to the economy. He argued that the U.S., already an energy-independent country, is now giving it away, and that eliminating the U.S. petrochemical industry would cause hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs. He said, “(Biden) is destroying the economy by raising government funds by increasing taxes and is ‘the biggest tax increase in history.”

In addition, according to several U.S. media reports, Trump’s inspiring “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) rally will return shortly. Trump is currently stepping up his preparations and could be ready as early as May.

Trump told host Bongiorno on Wednesday that he is currently stepping up preparations and that the rally will be back as soon as next month. He added that his supporters love rallies and that he has held 56 rallies and never had an empty seat that was not filled.