Los Angeles is sick. The state of a liberal city.

Every time I go to Los Angeles, I get stuck in a traffic jam, and it’s hard to find a convenient and affordable parking lot; there is a mix of various styles of buildings along the road, as well as wall paintings and smears; in recent years, homeless tents can be seen everywhere on the streets, and public places are their rightful campsites; even when walking around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I can see garbage and smell it from time to time, and people need to wear masks here to block out some of the strange smells.

On April 24, hobo tents can be seen all over the streets of the city of Los Angeles.

A street scene in Hollywood.

“It’s a liberal city,” songwriter and actor Lee Coc said April 24. “It’s something that a lot of liberal cities have. I’ve been coming here for nine years and there’s a lot of appeal, but I’ve also watched the city go downhill fast. The government used to clean it up, but then let it go back to the way it was.”

Outdoor dining on the Avenue of the Stars is now open.

The city is in desperate need of treatment

So, is it safe to live in the city of Los Angeles? Coker said, “Even during the day, it’s not safe, you could get threatened or robbed, then it’s best to stay out less at night.”

Crime and homicides have increased in L.A. from last year to this year, and the government cut $145 million in police funding last year and will continue to cut more than $70 million this year. Corker said, “This is crazy! They also want to cut police funding and numbers, which makes the city even more dangerous. Right now, police officers are unwilling or afraid to deal with African-Americans or Hispanics, and if anything goes wrong, not only will they lose their jobs, they could be sued, charged or put in jail.”

The city of Los Angeles has many issues that need to be addressed, and according to Coker, “Government officials need to find housing for the transients and should not allow them to live under bridges and in passageways. Some are also causing harassment, threats and harm to tourists. I think everyone should come together and find a way to solve the hobo problem because they are destroying the city.”

Coker said the public schools here are not very good, “The taxes are so high, where does the government spend all the money it collects? Why is everything so expensive?” “Some people are using political movements to push their agendas, de-culture, hate Asians are all part of it, they are using Asians as a flag and are playing board games to accomplish their political agendas; think back to the Nazi party in Germany, they unified the voices of Germans and if you didn’t agree with them, you were wiped out. People are being used, they show things that make people angry and then get people to do things that will cause chaos and destruction. If you don’t want to be controlled, you have to ask yourself, where is this information coming from, who controls that website or news station, and are they showing only one side of their party preference?”

Corker says he doesn’t choose a party, “I have both liberal and conservative viewers, and if I choose one side, then I lose 50 percent of my audience. I try to stay away from the bad stuff and embrace the good. I’m not a perfect person either, but I want to be a good person, work hard and take care of my family. I want a good city where people can be happy and enjoy city life. But I sit back and observe the city and the people, and even though there are a lot of Hollywood celebrities here, no one seems to care about the city, and Los Angeles has been taken over by liberals.”


The Walk of Fame, a must-see for out-of-town tourists, is also a place where people protest and march, with the most common protest route along Hollywood Boulevard, from Vine west to the Chinese Theater and south to the CNN building. “. Many children are missing or sex-trafficked, and we’re standing here because we want more people to pay attention to this issue or spread the word on social media,” Ms. Anderson said. And media outlets like CNN won’t report it, instead they’re covering it up. We met a lot of passersby who showed their support.” Ralliers also held signs protesting pedophilia and sexual assault in Hollywood.

The “Save the Children” rally was held in Los Angeles on April 24.

In 1915, the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment’s freedom of speech did not extend to movies, meaning they could not say whatever they wanted in the name of free speech. The Motion Picture Production Code (also known as the Hays Code) was enacted by the MPAA under the leadership of President Will H. Hays to regulate ethical standards for motion pictures. This period (1915-1963) is known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, and in 1968, the Motion Picture Production Code was replaced by a film classification system in the name of breaking up monopolies and liberalizing the ability of films to be rated and then staged.

According to the Hollywood Walk of Fame website, more than 2,000 stars have been embedded on the Walk of Fame since the first stars were installed in 1960, and on April 28, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce awarded the 2,695th star to TV star Kathie Lee Gifford. But the Walk of Fame is not what it used to be, with gold-rimmed coral-colored stars and charcoal terrazzo floors stained, and some stars have even been damaged multiple times.

I lost my job and my house last year, and it’s all my fault,” said Hector, who is cleaning up the Walk of Fame. But God has blessed our family with good health.” Hector, who had a very decent and easy job and has now switched to cleaning, said, “I work eight hours a day, five days a week. It’s not a hard job, sweeping trash off the main streets, and I’m lucky to have found this job.”

Pop culture

Standing next to the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, you can look up at the big white letters of “Hoollywood” on the hill, but down at the dozen or so homeless tents under the overpass. There are also a few hobo tents scattered along the two streets of the cathedral, and the trash cans on the street are still half-empty, with food waste thrown on the ground around them.

First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood Cathedral.

As we walked south, we saw a long line of people, adults and children alike, lounging in line to buy dolls from the popular collectible Funko store. The reporter asked the couple at the front of the line where they came from, and they replied, “We’ve been waiting in line for an hour and a half, we’re from another city and came here specifically to buy dolls.”

People waiting in line to enter the popular collectibles Funko store.

Jeron, the oldest child in the family, and his younger siblings, a family of five, were the first customers, as their parents brought them to the line before 7 p.m. and stood in line until the doors opened at 10 p.m. Store employees said: Because of the epidemic restrictions, only a small number of people can be let in at a time. Here to provide $ 11 ordinary dolls, but also can be ordered on site $ 25 dolls, “is the customer choose the doll’s hair, clothing and accessories, we live production, it takes about 20 minutes. Jay has bought 30 dolls, this time bought three more, one of which is custom-made, younger siblings also each ordered a doll, Jay said, “My father said my sister has a beautiful Barbie doll, but this doll has collectibility and can create their own.”

People saw the dolls they created with different expressions, some satisfied and some not so much as they would like.

People are looking at their custom-made Pop People dolls.

Walking along the Avenue of Stars, there are both Hollywood tour buses and those that say Black Lives Matter; a couple of slightly older people sitting on a small bench on the side of the street, concentrating on playing chess; some hobos sleeping on a bench on the side of the street; and a woman with a forlorn expression playing her guitar on the side of the street with a few coins on a piece of cloth on the ground.

A small Hollywood tour bus.

Come to Hollywood to struggle was once the dream of many people, Kirk said it is now difficult to find work, he paid for a large tattoo, “People may judge me by my appearance (tattoo), but I think it is the characteristics of a warrior, like a warrior.” But some argue that it’s like the city has been painted over to obscure its original appearance.

Social media has a growing influence on people, Coker said, “It used to be that when someone did something great, people would listen to what they had to say, but now social media provides a platform for people who haven’t done anything, and anyone can type in and publish.” Since last year, however, many people have found themselves censored by Big Tech for speech, given warnings, suspended and blocked, especially around Jan. 6 of this year, and some have not even been unblocked yet.

People are so controlled by the media that they look at their phones far more than they interact with their families, and television, cell phones and the media control people’s minds,” Corker said. These are difficult times and we need to get back to loving each other, believing in God, meditating, eating healthy, being outdoors, going to church and spending time with family and friends.”