Indian hospitals are full 85-year-old man died 3 days after giving up his bed

The recent Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic in India is seriously out of control, with a lack of medical resources and hard to find beds; the number of new diagnoses and deaths in a single day is at a record high, and temporary crematoriums can be seen everywhere to burn the bodies, which is quite heartbreaking. Recently, an 85-year-old man in India was diagnosed, although lucky to get a bed in the hospital, but he gave up his bed to other younger patients and died at home three days later.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, the 85-year-old man from Maharashtra province (Maharashtra) Nagpur (Nagpur) Dabhalkar (Narayan Dabhalkar), diagnosed on the 19th of this month, was sent to a local hospital on the 22nd, when there also happened to be a special bed for patients, Dabhalkar was admitted to the hospital under the condition of a bed, but a few hours later, he decided to apply for discharge. After a few hours, he decided to be discharged.

It turned out that Dabak saw a woman in the hospital crying to the medical staff for a bed for her 40-year-old husband, who was also diagnosed, but the hospital was full and there were no more beds available to accommodate the patient. Unable to bear the thought, Dabak decided to give up her bed for someone else.

Because of his advanced age and the decreasing oxygen level in his body due to the epidemic, the doctor did not recommend him to leave the hospital, but Dabak insisted on leaving the hospital, saying, “I am 85 years old and I have lived my life to the fullest. But these young children are different, their lives are more important, please give them my hospital bed.”

After leaving the hospital, Dabak continued to receive treatment at home, but three days later still unfortunately passed away, the news spread on the Internet after the hot debate, netizens are sore. The hospital staff said afterwards that the couple might not have changed to Dabak’s bed because the doctor had the right to decide who to leave the bed for, but Dabak’s act of charity still caused a high level of discussion on the Internet.