The most hypocritical! All 45 Oscar winners didn’t mention the homeless man across the street from the award.

The Breitbart News reported on April 28 that 48 hours after Sunday’s red carpet, celebrity and media appearances, camps of homeless people in Los Angeles lined the sidewalks and parks right next to the Oscars’ Union Station.

Hollywood’s elite chose Union Station in downtown Los Angeles as the venue for the awards, however, the Art Deco landmark, its neighborhood has slowly been taken over by the desperately poor, and a block away is Skid Row, where thousands of homeless people are camped out.

The stars rolled out the red carpet and drove up in Cadillac Escalades 4×4 limousines, dressed in high fashion and suits, for a self-congratulatory wake-up party. It was the lowest-rated, lowest-rated Oscars ever, and it took place at the epicenter of one of the worst homelessness crises in the United States.

In the year ending January 2020, the number of homeless people in Los Angeles, increased by a staggering 14 percent. No homeless count was conducted this year due to the Communist virus epidemic, but the problem continues to worsen.

There are reports of homeless people being swept out of Union Station, and we now know that celebrities don’t want to talk about the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

Breitbart News checked the transcripts of all 45 Oscar winners’ speeches and not one mentioned the homeless crisis, which actually surrounds them on all fronts.

In his acceptance speech for the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, black star Tyler Perry recalled his own experience of homelessness, but just failed to acknowledge the humanitarian crisis that lies just across the street.

Journalists from The Breitbart News, who went around Union Station, saw the poverty and suffering on the streets where, just a few days earlier, the richest and most famous had driven through to their respective fairy tales. These photos are interspersed with the most breathless, hypocritical sights our culture has to offer.

48 hours after the Oscars, homeless tents appear on Main Street just a block from Union Station

Zendaya walks the red carpet at the Oscars at Union Station in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 25, 2021.

A homeless man tends to his camp on Broadway, not far from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, April 27, 2021.