Suspected of being canceled because of low income security Jiujiang, Jiangxi, a village secretary was cut down in a pool of blood

According to an April 28 report by NetEase News, suspected of being disqualified for low income insurance, a man in Jiangxi stabbed the resident village secretary with a knife and was supposed to kill the village head.

On April 27, a video on the Internet attracted a lot of attention. The video content shows that on April 25, a case of knife wounding occurred in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, a resident village cadres were stabbed by a villager with a knife, bleeding more than. According to the villagers, was injured in the village secretary Wu is 34 years old. There are many villagers around the scene, medical personnel are also on the scene of its first aid. Some villagers said that the suspect was going to kill the village head, but unexpectedly injured the village secretary by mistake.

But according to an interview with NetEase reporter, the incident did not happen on April 25, but at the end of March. At present, the murderer has been controlled by the police, and the injured secretary of the village has also been out of life threatening.

According to an informed villager in Shanghang Village, the injured resident secretary is a cadre of the Xiushui County Natural Bureau, to help the poor in the village has been two or three years. The day of the incident, the resident secretary and colleagues came together to the village committee meeting, after the meeting ready to continue to carry out poverty alleviation work. As a result, just out of the village committee not far, was the village villagers Chen with a knife cut.

At that time, the site personnel immediately called the police and called an ambulance, paramedics rushed to the scene, the injured secretary gave first aid, and then he was sent to the hospital. Chen did not run far, but also by the police who arrived on the spot control.

As to why Chen was knifed, villagers said his motive for killing may be related to the village committee’s cancellation of his family’s low income eligibility. Chen is in his 30s and has been living with his parents who are in their 60s. A month before the crime his behavior was somewhat abnormal, often hanging around the village committee.

This incident also triggered people to think about how to protect the basic survival rights of vulnerable groups? If the other party really did such an impulsive thing because of the problem of low income, it really should be investigated. For the villagers who have little economic resources, the low income guarantee is their livelihood protection, and being cancelled will have a great impact on their lives.